JPT Peptide Technologies GmbH, IUCT and LEITAT Announce Collaboration on the Development of Novel Biofocused Anticancer Therapies (NOBITAN)

Published: Jan 17, 2012

BERLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--JPT Peptide Technologies GmbH (JPT), a wholly-owned subsidiary of BioNTech AG (Mainz, Germany), IUCT and LEITAT (Barcelona, Spain) announced today their collaboration on the joint development of an enhanced anticancer therapy based on the biofocused targeting of nucleoside analogs linked to small cyclic peptidomimetics. The goal of the partnership is to create novel chemotherapeutic products exhibiting an enhanced safety and efficacy profile by selectively targeting inactive cytotoxic compounds toward tumor cells. The collaboration combines JPT’s proven and long term track record in executing peptide based hit identification and hit-to-lead projects with IUCT’s and LEITAT’s key expertise in biotechnological synthesis of nucleoside analogs and activity screening studies.

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