IsoPlexis acquires extensive DNA and RNA sequencing portfolio to enable integrated single-cell sequencing and proteomic solutions

The integration of the sequence of each single cell coupled with IsoPlexis' proprietary functional proteomics accelerates insights into discovery biology & development of advanced medicines

BRANFORD, Conn., May 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- IsoPlexis, the leader in functional single-cell proteomics, today announced the acquisition of an extensive intellectual property portfolio of 86 patents related to DNA and RNA sequencing. These nucleic acid and sequencing related technologies will integrate directly with IsoPlexis' single cell proteomics platforms to enable a series of next generation assays which incorporate multiple 'omic modalities from each single cell.

This marks the next phase of the company's roadmap, enabling researchers to make far earlier connections in their genomic studies, directly to the proteome that determines in vivo dynamic biology of each organism. The acquired assets will enable integration of IsoPlexis' proprietary proteomics technologies with novel proprietary sequencing-based technologies. The acquisition of assets supports IsoPlexis' continued expansion into helping its customers more effectively clarify complex biology to accelerate the discovery of more personalized and curative advanced medicines from bench to bedside.

Isoplexis' growing patent portfolio of 153 total patents globally filed and issued will now include sequencing methodologies, which enables a new depth of resolution into connections between the genome and the proteome of cancer immunology, cell and gene therapy, neurological disease, and more.

"The acquisition of these sequencing technology patents enables exciting additions to our product portfolio," said Sean Mackay, CEO and Co-Founder of IsoPlexis. "The ability to detect the functional proteome and sequence from each single cell will allow deeper connectivity of precursors and outcome of therapies and disease. We believe this connection is key to accelerating of discovery of advanced medicines."

IsoPlexis' proprietary functional proteomics platform is the first to employ both proteomics and single-cell biology to fully characterize and link cellular function to patient outcomes, treatment response, or disease progression. IsoPlexis' single-cell proteomics platform, including instruments, chip consumables and software, provides an end-to-end solution to reveal a more complete view of protein function at an individual cellular level. The platform has been rapidly adopted by the top 15 global biopharmaceutical companies by revenue and nearly half of the comprehensive cancer centers in the United States to develop more durable therapeutics, overcome therapeutic resistance, and predict patient responses for advanced immunotherapies, cell therapies, gene therapies, vaccines, and regenerative medicines.


IsoPlexis is a life science technology company building solutions to accelerate the development of curative medicines and personalized therapeutics. Our award-winning single-cell proteomics systems reveal unique biological activity in small subsets of cells, allowing researchers to connect more directly to in vivo biology and develop more precise and personalized therapies. Our integrated systems, named top innovation or design by the Scientist Magazine, Fierce, BIG Innovation, Red Dot & multiple others, are used globally to advance the field of single-cell biology into new 'omic possibilities, as our customers generate solutions to overcome the challenges of complex diseases and therapeutics. Our products have been adopted by researchers around the world, including the top 15 global pharmaceutical companies and by 45% of comprehensive cancer centers in the US. Visit to learn more.

Jon Chen
VP of Marketing

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