Invivotek Maintains Full AAALAC Accreditation For Excellence In Animal Care And Use

Published: Sep 15, 2017

HAMILTON, N.J., Sept. 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Invivotek L.L.C. ® (Invivotek), a preclinical Contract Research Organization (CRO) and member of the Genesis Biotechnology Group®, announced today that its animal facility has maintained full accreditation from the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care, International (AAALAC). Continued accreditation confirms that Invivotek's animal care and use program meets or exceeds all regulatory requirements associated with the care and use of laboratory animals. 

Invivotek received its first AAALAC accreditation in 2014 and in the continuing AAALAC accreditation letter received July 2017, the counsel on AAALAC Accreditation praised Invivotek for "the extremely well designed, organized and clean physical plant and the dedicated individuals, who were committed to understanding the complexities and nuances of ensuring animal welfare, while supporting science and maintaining regulatory compliance." Recently a solar farm was built to decrease the facility's carbon footprint and reduce the high energy costs associated with conducting research. 

"We are proud of our talented and highly qualified team for combining the highest level of animal care standards with the outstanding quality of our biomedical research programs," said Dr. Olesia Buiakova, Chief Scientific Officer for Invivotek."Our continuing compliance with AAALAC further strengthens our position among the leading North American CROs in the in vivo pharmacology space."

AAALAC International is a private, non-profit organization that promotes the humane treatment of animals in science through voluntary accreditation and assessment programs. AAALAC works with institutions and researchers to serve as a bridge between progress and animal well-being. More than 800 companies, universities, hospitals, government agencies and other research institutions in 32 countries have earned AAALAC accreditation.

About Invivotek
Invivotek offers both custom and standard preclinical services for drug discovery and development programs for their clients in the areas of autoimmune and inflammatory disease, immuno-oncology, and metabolic disease. Invivotek's experience across multiple therapeutic areas and its efficient project management positions the company as a leading provider of preclinical in vivo services. Together with its sister CRO companies Venenum Biodesign and PharmOptima, Invivotek offers a comprehensive portfolio of services from drug target discovery through pre-clinical candidate selection through GBG's VIP Drug Discovery Services.

About GBG
GBG is a consortium of vertically-integrated corporate research entities which facilitates the overall market implementation and delivery of biomedical science products and services related to diagnostics and drug discovery. Through the consolidation of research activities and the collaboration of diverse groups of scientists with expertise in molecular biology, genetics, high throughput screening (HTS), pharmacology, molecular modeling, and medicinal chemistry, GBG is well-positioned to create and sustain complex research platforms in drug discovery and the design of surrogate biomarkers for chronic diseases.

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Contact: Olesia Buiakova, M.D., Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer 

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