Intronix Technologies Corporation Hires Bruce Ross as VP of Sales & Marketing

Published: Apr 19, 2012

TORONTO, April 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- When it comes to sales and marketing today, you've got to "know your stuff" to succeed. And there's no doubt that Bruce Ross, with a solid 35 years of experience in the medical device industry, has the expertise required to excel in his new position at Intronix Technologies Corp. ( Headquartered in Canada, Intronix Technologies is a rising star in the world of medical technology, and it's just hired Ross as Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

The position will leverage Ross' extensive background, professional network and managerial skills to strengthen the Intronix Technologies brand and products. In addition to supporting future innovations, he'll immediately oversee the sales and marketing of Intronix Technologies' Myoguide Needle EMG Guided Injection System. This breakthrough technology, which recently received 510(k) clearance from the United States Food and Drug Administration, gives practitioners a superior way to deliver targeted injections for musculoskeletal pain, spasticity, fibromyalgia, and even cosmetics.

"Bruce has worked for very reputable private and public companies in the medical device industry, gaining experience in everything from managing capital equipment and supplies sales organizations, to major domestic and international company turnarounds," says Dr. Evan Friedman, president of Intronix Technologies. "Specifically, his Nicolet Biomedical experience and significant contribution to that company's bottom line are strong indicators of his potential with us. We're thrilled he's joined our team."

At Nicolet - the world's largest diagnostic neurology company - Ross started serving as VP of Sales & Marketing back in the mid-nineties and seized this opportunity to support the progressive research, medical advances and improvements in neurological technology. His sales teams grew global sales for Nicolet by 60 percent during his three-year Nicolet tenure.

"My time at Nicolet Biomedical is a big part of what will help me at Intronix Technologies today," Ross says. "I've got great industry insight and expertise, plus the critical domestic and international sales relationships that Intronix needs to grow. It's a really great fit and opportunity for us all."


Intronix Technologies is promoting the Myoguide system through its new e-commerce website: In addition, Ross will showcase the system at the 64th American Academy of Neurology's Annual Meeting, taking place April 21-28, 2012 in New Orleans (, Booth 631.

About Intronix Technologies Corporation

Located just outside Toronto, Ontario, Intronix Technologies Corporation designs and produces progressive electromyographic (EMG) systems for applications in the diagnosis and management of myofascial pain, spasticity, and fibromyalgia. Its innovations in injection guidance provide technology that drives clinical solutions to deliver confidence, improve workflow efficiency, and provide a better patient experience. Intronix Technologies is known for its exceptional equipment, plus its comprehensive customer-support programs that are developed to maximize the lifecycle value of equipment through responsive service maintenance and significant software support.


Dr. Evan Friedman

President, Intronix Technologies Corporation


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