InformedDNA Selected to Provide Genetic Counseling to Participants in Coriell Institute’s Personalized Medicine Collaborative Research Study


ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- InformedDNA®, the nation's largest independent provider of expert genetics services, has been selected by the Coriell Institute for Medical Research to provide genetic counseling services to participants in the Coriell Personalized Medicine Collaborative (CPMC) research study. The Coriell Institute is a nationwide non-profit research center dedicated to the study of the human genome.

“We needed an expert genetic counseling team licensed in all 50 states, covering all medical specialties, experienced in working with foundations, and able to ramp up quickly in order to address recent changes in the field. InformedDNA fit the bill, offering counseling sessions via phone or video from board-certified, master’s degree-level genetic counselors. They’ve also been able to integrate our systems with theirs, enabling seamless delivery for our study participants,” said Joseph Jarvis, PhD, director of genomic risk reporting and principal investigator for the CPMC study.

The study, initiated in 2007, is a multi-party endeavor of volunteer study participants, physicians, scientists, ethicists, genetic counselors, pharmacists, information technologists, and hospital and academic partners. Thousands of CPMC study participants have viewed their genetic and non-genetic risks for disease and drug response. How their lifestyle behaviors change – and whether they choose to share their results and with whom – is revealing the utility of genetic information in clinical care.

“Participants in the CPMC study ultimately have access to more than 30 genetic tests. Our genetic counselors are not only trained in medical genetics, but also in psychosocial counseling. So, in addition to helping participants understand their genetic test results, they provide support while participants consider options based upon those results,” said Jana Pruski-Clark, MPH, MS, CGC, senior vice president of clinical services at InformedDNA.

About the Coriell Institute for Medical Research

The Coriell Institute is a global leader in understanding how our personal genomes affect our health. Coriell is recognized as one of the world's leading biobanks, distributing biological samples and offering research and biobanking services to scientists in 85 countries around the globe. Coriell is the trusted steward of world-renowned collections for the National Institutes of Health, disease foundations and commercial clients. A pioneer in genomics, Coriell is examining the utility of using personal genetic information in clinical care through the Coriell Personalized Medicine Collaborative research study. Scientists at Coriell are leveraging their expertise in genomics to develop new tools to prevent and treat opioid use disorder. The Institute is also unlocking the promise of induced pluripotent stem cells and their role in disease research and drug discovery. For more information, visit, like Coriell on Facebook or follow @Coriell_Science on Twitter.

About InformedDNA

InformedDNA is the authority on the appropriate use of genetic testing. Leveraging the expertise of the largest full-time staff of independent board-certified genetics specialists, InformedDNA helps to ensure health plans, hospitals, employers, community clinicians, and patients all have access to the highest quality genetic services. The company’s key offerings include clinical genetic counseling, genetic testing utilization management, clinical trial support, and personalized hereditary risk assessment and prevention solutions. For more information, visit



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