Inergetics, Inc. Receives Product Certification For Resurgex Select(TM) From The FDA Philippines

Published: Jul 20, 2010

PARAMUS, N.J., July 20, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Inergetics, Inc. (OTCBB:NRTI), a leader in targeted product development for the Clinical Nutrition and Sports Supplement Markets, today announced that the Company has received a Certificate of Product Registration (CPR) from the FDA Philippines, certifying that its Resurgex Select(TM) product can now be marketed as a nutritional supplement for cancer patients and other immune-compromised individuals throughout the country.

New Marketlink Pharmaceutical Corporation, "New Marketlink," a leading distributor of pharmaceutical and healthcare products in the Philippines and Inergetics' marketing and distribution partner in the region, has activated a purchase order for Resurgex Select(TM) following the CPR's issuance. A successful product launch will serve as a platform for the expansion of distribution within the ASEAN market, of which the Philippines is a member nation.

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is an economic organization of 10 countries in the Asia Pacific region whose members engage in mutual free trade and has a combined population of approximately 580 million people. New Marketlink, which has distribution relationships throughout Southeast Asia, will follow its launch of Resurgex Select(TM) in the Philippines by targeting ASEAN countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam as well as non-ASEAN countries such as South Korea, Taiwan and potentially China.

Mark Mirken, Chairman and CEO of Inergetics Inc., commented, "We have worked hand in glove with New Marketlink and their executive team for two years to receive approval for Resurgex Select from the FDA Philippines. Now that this has been accomplished, we will launch our oncology product in the Philippines, a nation of 85 million people where cancer has become the third leading cause of morbidity and mortality. Following our successful launch there, we plan to expand the distribution of Resurgex Select into the rest of Southeast Asia."

"We are very excited and pleased that a CPR has been awarded for Resurgex Select. Both New Marketlink and Inergetics have put forth a tireless and continuous effort to make this happen," stated Chief Operating Officer of New Marketlink Pharmaceutical Corporation, Dr. Francis Wade Gomez.

"Resurgex offers superior benefits and sustainable competitive advantages and we intend to leverage our strategic alliances within the region to optimize sales and brand development within the ASEAN community. In addition, we are also exploring the possibility of establishing distribution and promotion alliances for Resurgex in China," added Dr. Gomez.

"The revenue potential for Resurgex in Asia is significant due to its massive population and large oncology markets. Upon our successful expansion into the ASEAN countries in 2011, this region could account for 10 to 12% of our total revenue in the coming years. Additionally, a product launch in the Asian market can create economies of scale with lower cost and manufacturing site implications for Inergetics as well," continued Mirken.

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About New Marketlink Pharmaceutical Corporation

New Marketlink Pharma Corporation is one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in the Philippines that supports and markets a marquee list of established multinational medical brands. It is a division of TAO Corp, a holding company with combined revenues of $650 Million per annum that is focused on supply chain services in several industries including the health and wellness, energy and telecommunications in the Philippines. Since it began operations in 2006, the Filipino-owned company has been committed to strengthen its importation, sales, marketing and distribution of its diverse line of pharmaceutical and healthcare products. To learn more about the company, visit the Healthcare Section of TAO Corporation's website,

About Inergetics, Inc.

Inergetics, Inc. is a leading developer of nutritional supplements for the Clinical Health and Sports Supplement markets. The Company has established a line of Resurgex products consisting of proprietary nutritional formulas that are used by a wide range of clinical patients and consumers. Resurgex(TM) products provide comprehensive nutritional support for actively treated cancer patients as well as those in post-treatment care and elderly members of the assisted living community. Inergetics has also developed Surgex(TM) sports nutrition formula to meet the nutritional needs of professional, Olympic, and amateur elite athletes that experience post-workout symptoms such as fatigue, loss of lean muscle, oxidative stress, and reduced immune function.

Resurgex Essential(TM) and Resurgex Essential Plus(TM) are comprehensive, calorically dense formulas that meet and exceed the nutritional requirements of the assisted living community.

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