Indivumed GmbH And Definiens AG Partner To Unlock The Power Of Tumor Tissue For Drug Discovery And Development

Hamburg/Munich, Germany — July 19, 2016: Definiens, the pioneer in Tissue Phenomics solutions for diagnostics development and commercialization and Indivumed, GmbH, based in Hamburg, Germany announced today a strategic partnership to offer a unique combination of tissue-based biomarker validation and assay development with Definiens Cognition Network Technology® for image analysis and data mining.

This partnership will allow researchers and clinicians in oncology to benefit from a joint offering of Indivumed’s leading Cancer Database, Biobank and analytical laboratory services for tissue analysis together with Definiens’ leading proprietary Cognition Network Technology® and the Tissue Phenomics® approach to oncology and diagnostics. Indiviumed specializes in stringent and highly standardized tissue collection processes that preserve biomolecules such as RNA and protein, allowing more accurate assessment of tissue patterns and more rigorous comparisons across samples.

“Customers of either company can now benefit from this partnership and our comprehensive approach for image analysis and tissue-based research and development in oncology,” said Hartmut Juhl, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Indivumed.

“In the quest to use tissue biomarkers to create diagnostic tests for cancer patients, there is no question that the quality of tissue combined with advanced image analysis and tissue mining is extremely important,” commented Ralf Huss, Chief Medical Officer, Definiens. “This partnership allows researchers and clinicians to benefit from the expertise of both our companies and advance personalized medicine for the treatment of patients. It will be great to see this partnership benefit not only researchers and clinicians, but also ultimately cancer patients.”

About Indivumed:

INDIVUMED an ISO certified global oncology research company based in Hamburg, Germany, has established the world’s leading Cancer Database and biobank, retaining unique patterns of biomolecules such as RNA, DNA, and proteins as they existed in the human body. This Cancer Database makes possible multi-omics capabilities that will allow for characterization of samples and data such as whole genome gene expression analysis, expression analysis of cancer relevant proteins, expression analysis of cancer relevant phosphoproteins and bioinformatic solutions for integrating molecular, biological and clinical information.

Indivumed’s products and services allow for in-depth understanding of the underlying mechanisms of a patient’s cancer, addressing important demands in translational research and molecular diagnostics to support implementation of personalized healthcare.

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About Definiens

Definiens is the pioneering provider of Tissue Phenomics® solutions for biomarker and companion diagnostics development and commercialization. Definiens’ technology empowers smarter tissue-based diagnostics by leveraging quantitative tissue readouts and other big data sources. By enabling the development of powerful and precise assays for patient stratification and clinical trial enrollment, Definiens aims to dramatically improve patient outcomes. Definiens' Tissue Phenomics approach was awarded the 2013 Frost and Sullivan Company of the Year Award for Global Tissue Diagnostics and Pathology Imaging.

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