InClinica CEO Speaks To World Congress On Clinical Trials In Diabetes

James Nolan to present lectures on the current state of diabetes trials

PHILADELPHIA – (NOVEMBER 29, 2016) – James Nolan, CEO of InClinica, Inc. ? a global, clinical CRO ? will present two lectures to the World Congress on Clinical Trials in Diabetes on Wednesday, November 30 in Berlin.

Nolan’s first lecture will provide an overview--from an industry perspective--of the challenges facing clinicians who conduct diabetes studies. Investigators must maintain a global awareness of clinical and regulatory trends beyond the confines of diabetes, since these trends can affect a clinician’s ability to recruit and enroll patients.

In his second lecture, Nolan will provide advice for those looking to enter the clinical trial marketplace. The key takeaway of this lecture is that the desired product labeling is a crucial starting point, not endpoint, for designing clinical trials for a successful market entry.

“Diabetes is a growing, global problem that is continuously underfunded,” said Nolan. “The World Congress comes at a much-needed time and will hopefully help pharmaceutical companies understand the need for change in diabetes studies. I look forward to contributing to the important discussion about the current state of our industry.”

Nolan will hold his first lecture at 4:40 a.m. EST (10:40 a.m. CET), and the second at 7:20 a.m. EST (1:20 p.m. CET).

About InClinica

InClinica is a global clinical contract research organization founded in 2016 after the acquisition of an existing global CRO. With a senior management team that brings more than 100 combined years of experience, InClinica works across all phases of the clinical research process and has a particular strength in first in man and phase 2 studies. InClinica is headquartered in Philadelphia with other locations in the U.K., Israel, and Malaysia/Singapore.

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