IMULAN BioTherapeutics Launches Leukostat(TM); Imsaids(R) – Based Technology

(November 12, 2009) - Imulan BioTherapeutics, LLC (IMULAN) announced the release of LeukoSTAT™; a nutritional product containing a newly recognized class of naturally occurring amino acid complexes referred to as ImSAIDs (Immune Selective Anti-Inflammatory Derivatives). Originally discovered as important components of saliva, ImSAIDS have been shown to target leukocytes, thereby going right to the source of inflammation regardless of the cause, making it a useful product for the veterinarian. ImSAIDs have demonstrated positive effects in models of pancreatitis, sepsis, asthma, anaphylaxis, allergic reactions and spinal trauma.

Dr. Craig Woods, CEO of IMULAN, stated, “We are seeing science move away from traditional drugs which focus on blocking enzymes such as cyclo-oxygenase, towards totally natural technologies as exemplified by the ImSAIDS. Researchers can now develop products which modify the cells that make the enzymes, essentially going right to the source of the problem. This becomes a much more powerful and comprehensive tool with broad applications.”

Imulan develops immune regulating, naturally-occurring substance for veterinary medicine. Imulan’s primary focus is to combine peptide pharmacology with immunology to manage inflammatory, infectious and immune mediated diseases in companion and production animals.

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