IKS International Release: Incubators give Maximum Security with Minimum Gas Usage

Published: Feb 23, 2011

February 2011 -- The IVS-9000GC & IVS-9160GC triple gas incubators from IKS (Rosmalen, the Netherlands) have been praised by IVF users not only for their performance but also for their very low CO2 and N2 consumption. Many IVF laboratories have moved to lowered oxygen environments to improve embryo viability, and low gas usage not only offers substantial financial savings – thousands of euros a year in some cases - but also reduces the risk of running out of gas when the laboratory is unmanned.

Because of the novel design of these incubators, the minimum quantity of nitrogen – less than 10 litres - is required to restore the internal environment when the door is opened. CO2 usage is minimised as well. Recovery to a stable condition takes less than five minutes, reducing the impact on sensitive samples.

The IVS-9000GC has a capacity of 33 litres, divided by six internal doors, and the IVS-9160GC a capacity of 173 litres, with eight internal doors. The stainless steel internal chamber has rounded corners for easy cleaning, and all internal components are autoclavable. A high efficiency HEPA filter keeps the interior free of dust and other particles. Both incubators can be fitted with IKS’ unique multi-channel CO2 and O2 sensors and can be easily interfaced to their market-leading XiltriX® laboratory monitoring system.

For more information on IKS products and XiltriX monitoring systems contact IKS International on +31(0)73 52 12 229, e-mail Info@iksbv.nl or visit www.XiltriX.com

IKS International Kievitsven 54 5249 JK Rosmalen The Netherlands

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Information for Editors

IKS International is a highly skilled and experienced organization based in Rosmalen, near 's-Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands. IKS supplies a comprehensive range of advanced products and services to clinical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and microbiology labo¬ratories world-wide. The company specialises in integrated, total laboratory solutions ranging from supplying goods to calibration and maintenance services.

Many well-known international brands of laboratory equipment are represented on an exclusive basis by IKS. Another range of products comes from IKS’ own development and manufacturing division and is distributed worldwide. The flagship of this range is the XiltriX® registration, monitoring and alarm system. XiltriX is the result of more than 20 years of continuous development, and has become the market leader in its home market and now has an expanding distributor network and user base outside the Netherlands. A comprehensive Instrument Calibration Service offers traceable, fully accredited calibration for a wide range of instruments and sensors, backed by an in-house service operation with a full range of service and maintenance options.

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