iCeutica Inc. Commences Clinical Program for Metaxalone SoluMatrix™

Published: Nov 30, 2012

PHILADELPHIA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--iCeutica Inc. (‘iCeutica’), a rapidly growing pharmaceutical company focused on creating new and improved drugs for patients, today announces that it has commenced the clinical program for Metaxalone SoluMatrix™ tablets. iCeutica’s investigational Metaxalone SoluMatrix™ tablets are a reformulation of the popular muscle relaxant sold by King Pharmaceuticals® (owned by Pfizer®) as Skelaxin®. The current metaxalone product contains 800 mg of the active ingredient and the amount of drug absorbed by patients can vary dramatically, depending on whether or not it is taken with a meal. iCeutica’s Metaxalone SoluMatrix™ product has the potential to significantly reduce the dose of metaxalone required to be given to patients, reduce the variability of existing metaxalone products to ensure consistent absorption and demonstrate fewer of the side effects of other muscle relaxant products.

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