How to Choose the Right Job Board for Your Job Search

Published: Jun 02, 2011

How to Choose the Right Job Board for Your Job Search

By Angela Rose,

Find Your Niche (Job Board), Find Your Job

Job boards are essential tools in the arsenal of a crafty job seeker. However, not all job boards are equally useful. If you are searching for a particular type of position (such as “senior management”) or within a particular field (such as “clinical trials”), a niche job board is by far your best option. Why, you ask? For the following three reasons.

Hunting for jobs on a niche job board is like fishing in a smaller pond. is the ocean of job boards. There are thousands of jobs posted and tens of thousands of job seekers trolling the murky waters for the freshest catch. A few may go home with lobster; a few more may fall overboard and drown. A niche job board may have fewer positions posted, but you can row confidently into that pond knowing that you’re only going to catch jobs that suit your skills and interests. You’ll also face fewer competitors. Just think about it -- would you rather compete for your next position against 10 other job seekers or 100?

Niche job boards have jobs that aren’t posted on other sites.
Large job boards don’t aggregate the listings from every existing smaller job board. So not only is a day spent on fraught with the peril of the open job board ocean, it’s also likely to cause you to miss out on that really great job posted on the niche job board you’ve never heard of. Don’t let that happen. Try a Google search for “your industry + careers + job boards” or “your industry + careers + job listings.” There is a very good chance your search will return several industry-specific job boards that may prove worth your time.

You may also go to to view several leading professional job boards that fit your specialty and/or location.

Knowledge is power, and you’ll find it on niche job boards.
If you happen to find a position for which you’d like to apply on one of the large job boards such as, you may be given a generic email address for submission of your resume, or even be redirected to an online job application. There’s no real way for you to know who will receive it or when. Alternatively, on a niche job board, the postings tend to have more information. Valuable information such as the name, email address, maybe even phone number of the hiring manager. This means you can address your cover letter to an individual, and you can follow up once it has been sent.

While perusing job boards should be just one part of your multi-pronged job search approach, use that time wisely. Monitoring niche job boards should help you find better positions, positions for which you are well-suited, and even other information that can be vital to a successful job search.

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