Hospital Sisters Health System Expands Digisonics CVIS to St. Anthony's Memorial Hospital

Published: Sep 27, 2012

Houston, TX -- Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS) will implement the Digisonics DigiView CVIS solution at a fourth facility, St. Anthony’s Memorial Hospital, in Effingham, Ill. for their echo (adult and pediatric), vascular, nuclear and cath studies.

St. Anthony’s Memorial Hospital will be the first HSHS facility using Digisonics DigiServ WAN deployment software. DigiServ allows for a hub and spoke model using a central database with unified storage and archive thus reducing silos of data. While many solutions fail during a WAN outage, DigiServ sites can operate independently until the WAN is up. Other benefits of DigiServ include the ability for HSHS to mine cardiovascular data across all participating sites, ensuring the best possible outcomes for their patient population. Employing the Digisonics Search Package, a comprehensive, user-configurable search engine, the hospital can quickly set up search criteria to extract clinical information for use in research, compile statistics required for accreditation, and generate management reports to target areas for productivity and efficiency.

Users at the hospital will utilize the DigiView cardiology PACS and structured reporting system to create a fully electronic workflow and dramatically improve overall report turnaround times. The Citrix-based add on, DigiNet Pro, will enable clinicians to remotely access the CVIS from anywhere at anytime, adding flexibility to their workflow.

Advanced nuclear analysis and quantitation will be available via integration of the Digisonics CVIS with INVIA’s Corridor 4DM software. A single click in the Digisonics CVIS will launch the INVIA software directly. Images processed in Corridor 4DM are saved back in the Digisonics patient database for easy review. Users can then quickly summarize their study findings, embed nuclear images and bull’s eye diagrams in a structured report.

Additional enhancements to electronic workflow include an Appropriate Use Criteria feature (AUC) that electronically notifies administration in the event that the AUC has not been satisfied. DataLinks and HL7 interfaces will facilitate seamless integration between Digisonics and St. Anthony Memorial Hospital’s incumbent systems. DataLink modules will automate transfer of patient biometry from the Philips ultrasound machines directly into the Digisonics PACS and structured reporting system, significantly reducing manual data entry time. HL7 interfaces will connect the Digisonics CVIS and St. Anthony Memorial Hospital’s Meditech EMR for ADT In and Results Out, creating a fully electronic workflow. An added upgrade to the Results Out interface, DigiLink, will embed a hyperlink to a PDF copy of the finalized report in the HL7 message.

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