Hoefer, Inc. New Product: New Workstation Designed for Polymerase Chain Reactions (PCR)

Published: Sep 23, 2009

Hoefer, Inc. has announced the introduction of the NEW PCR Workstation.

The PCR Workstation provides effective decontamination of solutions, reagents and equipment before carrying out sensitive PCR reactions, particularly when amplifying DNA fragments which are either in limited supply or low copy number. Four timer-controlled 15-watt UV bulbs enable the user to control the exposure time and dose of high energy UV irradiation required to denature nucleic acids preventing background contamination.

The UV bulbs generate pyrimidine dimers and other photo defects in contaminating target sequences, thus eliminating falsely primed products that result in lost time and expense.

Two safety interlocks switch-off the UV bulbs automatically when the cabinet side doors are opened preventing accidental exposure to the UV source. A single white light bulb illuminates the work area when the cabinet is in use.

The cabinet's construction from UV impermeable 10 mm acrylic also serves as an effective barrier against some radioactive isotopes, allowing the user to work in increased safety with ß- emitters such as 32P and 35S.

The PCR Workstation meets Safety Certifications EN61010-1, CE. The internal dimensions are 54 cm wide by 75 cm high by 40 cm deep and there is a 0-120 minute timer.

For additional information, product specifications or pricing please contact Hoefer, Inc.

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