HIDROX®, a proprietary Olive Juice Extract, Eased Parkinson's Symptoms, Study Finds

HAYWARD, Calif., Oct. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Dr. Roberto Crea, Oliphenol LLC CEO, is pleased to announce the publication of a multi-centers study published in the "Antioxidants" journal, linking Oliphenol's HIDROX® with the potential alleviating symptoms from Parkinson's Disease. HIDROX® is a proprietary olive polyphenol compounds extracted from the meat/juice of 100% organic olives, which contains 40-50% hydroxytyrosol of the total Polyphenols. Due to the unique manufacturing process of HIDROX®, all essential elements, including hydroxytyrosol, small cofactors and other polyphenols, remain intact in their natural environment during the manufacturing process.

According to the study, HIDROX®, can significantly ease Parkinson's motor symptoms, reduce alpha synuclein buildup, and slow neurodegeneration in animal models of the disease.

"We are very pleased that the collaboration with two established labs in Italy has confirmed the unique range of positive attributes we discovered in HIDROX® in the past years, including a potential benefit to the integrity of brain's dopaminergic neurons," states Dr. Roberto Crea.

Researchers based in Italy and the U.S. sought to establish if HIDROX® could prevent the neurodegenerative processes in animal models of the Parkinson's disease.

"Our results have shown that HIDROX® is able to act not only on oxidative stress but also on the inflammatory response, apoptosis and inflammasomes, thus preventing the accumulation of [alpha]-synuclein, the loss of dopaminergic neurons and the associated behavioral deficits," Prof's Vittorio Calabrese, University of Catania, and Salvatore Cuzzocrea, University of Messina, and their colleagues in Italy wrote.

In conclusion, the results have shown that HIDROX® is a very effective antioxidant and powerful anti-inflammatory nutritional agent. HIDROX® is a safe (GRAS) and effective nutritional product that could be used as a supporting agent in the neurodegenerative process characteristic of Parkinson's Disease. Additional tests and future clinical trials will be considered by Oliphenol LLC in support of this discovery.

HIDROX® is available in liquid or powder formulations and is the main ingredient in every Olivenol product. For more information about HIDROX® and Olivenol products, please visit www.oliphenol.com or call 1-833-654-7436.

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