HemoBioTech, Inc. Announces Publication of a Guest Editorial and Two Review Articles on Blood Substitutes by Dr. Jan Simoni – Co-Inventor of HemoTech

Published: Feb 26, 2009

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--HemoBioTech (OTCBB:HMBT) (www.hemobiotech.com) announced today the publication of a guest editorial and two review articles by Dr. Jan Simoni on blood substitutes in the Journal of Artificial Organs (Vol. 33, No. 2, 2009). The editorial entitled: “Artificial Oxygen Carriers: Scientific and Biotechnological Points of View,” examines the need for blood substitutes and evaluates the status of blood substitutes under development worldwide. The review articles provide a detailed analysis of the problems associated with the development of blood substitutes and describe the strategies on how to create safe and effective products, including HemoTech that could be the first viable substitute for human red blood cells. Dr. Simoni, who co-invented HemoTech, is a Research Professor of Surgery at Texas Tech University and Acting Vice President of R&D and Production for HemoBioTech.

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