Health Diagnostic Laboratory Inc. Supports Advanced Risk Assessment and Diagnostic Testing Dinner Symposium by National Lipid Association

Published: May 17, 2011

RICHMOND, Va., May 16, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Health Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc. (HDL, Inc.),, a CAP accredited leader in health management, announced today its sponsorship of the Advanced Risk Assessment and Diagnostic Testing Dinner Symposium (Non-CME) at the 2011 National Lipid Association (NLA) Scientific Sessions on the evening of Friday, May 20 in New York, NY.

The Advanced Risk Assessment and Diagnostic Testing Dinner Symposium (Non-CME) is a promotional educational activity for meeting attendees featuring six vendors. The event will demonstrate the utility of an advanced lipid panel over a standard lipid panel for screening and management of CVD risk factors.

Dr. Joseph McConnell, Chief Medical Officer and co-founder of HDL, Inc., will represent the growing advanced laboratory and will address the advantage of advanced lipid panels over standard lipid panels for screening specific patient populations and getting patients to their lipid goals.

Dr. McConnell is formally the Chair of the Clinical Chemistry Fellowship Program and the Medical Director of the Clinical Laboratory Sciences Program at the Mayo Clinic. He held a joint appointment in the Cardiovascular Diseases Section of the Division of Internal Medicine at the Mayo Clinic. Dr. McConnell's primary research interest is in the field of atherosclerosis, specifically the use of novel risk factors to identify subjects at increased risk for developing cardiovascular disease and events with a focus on prevention. Dr. McConnell has co-authored over 80 manuscripts in peer-reviewed, scientific literature on topics in cardiovascular disease and risk management.

Health Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc., located at the Virginia Biotechnology Research Park, is changing the way clinical laboratories interact with physicians and patients. The professionals at HDL, Inc., such as Dr. Joe McConnell, partner with clients to provide the most advanced practices for diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular and related chronic diseases. The award-winning laboratory offers a comprehensive panel of tests to help physicians personalize treatment based on more complete patient profiling. The result -- earlier detection of risk factors pre-disposing patients to disease, more advanced evidence-based treatments, and fewer patients progressing to overt disease.

In addition to participating in the Advanced Risk Assessment and Diagnostic Testing Dinner Symposium at the 2011 National Lipid Association (NLA) Scientific Sessions, HDL, Inc. is providing an unrestricted grant to the NLA for its Scientific Sessions in New York. HDL, Inc. recently supported the NLA Clinical Lipid Update in Austin through an unrestricted grant and sponsorship of a dinner symposium.

"HDL, Inc. supports the NLA's mission to enhance medical knowledge, clinical skills, and related business activities that provide for more effective patient outcomes," said Tonya Mallory, CEO and co-founder of HDL, Inc. "It's essential for all medical leaders to work together to reduce death and disability related to disorders of lipid metabolism in patients."

About HDL, Inc.

Health Diagnostic Laboratory Inc. (HDL, Inc.), a CAP accredited leader in health management, offers a comprehensive test menu of risk factors and biomarkers for cardiovascular and related diseases. Our systematic approach identifies factors contributing to disease and provides a basis for effective personalized treatment, allowing physicians to more effectively manage patients. As an added value, patients receive a personalized overview of their risk factors along with intensive counseling from expert Health Coaches at no additional cost, improving compliance and enhancing potential outcomes. For more information,

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