Health Canada Suspends Chemi Pharmaceutical Over Falsified Tests

Published: Dec 05, 2012

OTTAWA, Dec. 4, 2012 -- /CNW/ - Health Canada has suspended the Establishment Licence of Chemi Pharmaceutical Inc. of Mississauga, Ont., after uncovering falsified testing results during the course of an inspection.

Health Canada is verifying the nature and use of testing done by Chemi Pharmaceutical Inc. with the company's customers. Our survey of clients to date indicates that only a portion of the company's work involved testing of final products before they entered the Canadian market.

However, as a precautionary step, companies that have had testing done by Chemi Pharmaceutical are being asked to temporarily halt sales of those products until their safety can be confirmed.

To date, Health Canada has not seen any indication that the health of Canadians has been compromised.

Health Canada will be working around the clock to confirm the safety of these products, and will take immediate action when required and inform Canadians.

A list of products and ingredients that are affected by Health Canada's request for a temporary halt in sales is available on the Health Canada web site. The list will be updated as more products are identified. Once products have been cleared for sale again, they will be removed from the list.

Please check the Health Canada web site regularly for updated information about this evolving situation. The Department will also update the public as required.

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SOURCE Health Canada

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