Heal Your Brain, Reclaim Your Life by Susana Stoica Offers Hope to People With Brain Injuries and Strokes

The book distills the therapies used to regain her functionality after a double brain injury

DETROIT, May 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Concussions and other brain injuries are increasingly of interest to the public due to news stories about professional football players who have suffered them with devastating effects. But ordinary people, including one in five teenagers, also sustain these injuries that can cause headaches, nausea, dizziness, insomnia, depression, lack of concentration, and other troubling symptoms. The personal impact of brain injuries extends to the injured person's family and the financial burden on society exceeds $60 billion per year.

Susana Stoica, Ph.D., wrote her book, Heal Your Brain, Reclaim Your Life, to share the lessons she learned from her own over 15-year recovery from two slip-and-fall accidents that happened the same day. Her uphill battle was difficult and she made mistakes which she wants to help others avoid.

Susana was lucky. A born energy healer, at the time of her trauma she already had more than 15 years of experience in helping others to recover from brain injuries. She says, "That provided me the knowledge necessary to limit the effects of my own trauma and eventually led me to define my own recovery program detailed in my book. I am offering my experience so other people can avoid unnecessary costs and delays in recovery. I am confident many people will benefit from this program."

Two factors led Stoica to write her book: her desire of help others avoid as much as possible of the suffering connected with the physical and emotional aspects of the trauma and to give people hope that the knowledge currently available through traditional care is not the end of the road.

Susana has a lifelong passion for understanding how the brain works. She has a Ph.D. in computer engineering with a thesis in designing computers with circuits that model the brain cells and she also worked in the field of expert systems which model the human thinking process.

In an interview, she can answer such questions as:

  • What does she recommend people do when they have suffered a brain trauma?
  • Is it really possible to fully recover from a brain injury?
  • What is energy healing and how does it work with brain injuries and associated emotional issues?
  • What can be done to limit the post-trauma brain swelling or secondary brain injury?
  • How can her book be used in conjunction with conventional medicine?
  • How can people at any age improve their brain and thinking?

Praise for Dr. Susana Stoica

"I can't say enough about Susana's caring and her gift for healing!" - Kim Dunn Stanley, mother of a professional hockey player

"Organized in a practical format, [the book] can be read in detail or used as a reference because it is written with the clarity of a scientist and the insight of a compassionate healer. I wholeheartedly recommend the book." -- Dr. Mitchell Elkiss, Neurologist

About the author:

Susana Stoica, Ph.D., the founder of Healing Alternatives, LLC, is a healer, engineer, inventor, and speaker. In July, she will be giving a workshop on brain injury recovery at Harvard Medical School. She has made numerous presentations to nurses, doctors and lay people about brain injury and healing using alternative healing methods. In addition to Heal Your Brain, Reclaim Your Life, she also penned Reluctant Healer: An Introduction to Energy Healing.

Availability: Detroit area, nationwide by arrangement, and via telephone.

Contact: Susan Stoica, Ph.D., (248) 895-5784; 194240@email4pr.com; https://HealingBrainInjury.com.


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