Harvard Bioscience Inc. Realigns Global Operations, Cuts 13 Percent Of Its Workforce

Published: Dec 04, 2013

Harvard Bioscience is axing jobs but others are hiring too! Check it out! (Isn't it tempting?)

Harvard Bioscience Inc., a Holliston-based company that manufacturers tools and instruments used by companies in the life sciences industry, said Wednesday that it will reduce its global workforce by 13 percent as part of a plan to create organizational efficiencies and to better position it for growth. An attempt to reach the company for additional details was not successful. In an annual report on its website, Harvard Bioscience said that at the end of 2011, it had just under 400 employees worldwide, including 229 in the United States.

Don't forget, hundreds of biopharma companies are hiring! (We know you can't resist.)

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