Han All Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. to Present its Oral and Injectable Protein Therapeutic Program at 2009 Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) International Conference

Published: May 14, 2009

HanAll Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a Korean-based R&D pharma company will present its novel oral and injectable protein therapeutic program at 2009 BIO International Conference in Atlanta on May 20, 2009 at 2:40pm (Room 314). Dr. Andrew J. Gorman, Vice President and Chief, Corporate Development will review preclinical and clinical data demonstrating a superior PK and efficacy profile as well as oral bioavailability. All companies interested in the protein therapeutics are invited to attend.

HanAll will also participate in a number of meetings during the BIO Partnering Conference to discuss with potential partners for the protein therapeutic products but also its novel XC Hybrid Combination Cardiovascular program. These combination drugs are characterized by enhanced efficacy and reduced adverse events compared to simultaneous administration of two drugs.

About HanAll Pharmaceuticals

Protein Therapeutics: HanAll has developed a process and technique involving the re-engineering of the native proteins to significantly attain the oral bioavailability to the clinical effective level of the injectable. This is achieved by enhancing the absorption of the protein through the tight junction of the gut walls while also conferring resistance to protease degradation. The lead program, Hanferon™, has completed a Phase I PK study demonstrating a superior PK profile compared to the native protein and other formulations of interferon-alpha.

XC Hybrid Combination Cardiovascular products: The Company has also developed over 30 different combinations of cardiovascular products through its innovative and proprietary XC Hybrid Combination formulation technology. XC Hybrid Combination formulation provides the efficacy, safety and lack of drug-drug interaction of monotherapy and also provides the benefits of cardiovascular combination drugs desired by patients and prescribers. This is achieved by a unique time separation and delayed release PK profile of the combination products. HanAll will begin Phase Ib/II clinical studies in the U.S. and Korea in May 2009 with its lead product, HL 007, a double matrix combination formulation of simvastatin (immediate release) and amlodipine (delayed release). Bioequivalency and drug interaction studies will be carried out. A second U.S. clinical trial is scheduled for later this year to confirm the time-delayed release product profile of HanAll’s second lead product, HL 008, a combination of losartan and amlodipine.

In addition, HanAll also conducts R&D in the promising area of anti-atopic dermatitis and is developing second generation metformin products.

The company seeks global or regional partners to commercialize these innovative programs.

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