Group K Diagnostics Relocates to New Laboratory, Manufacturing and Office Space in Philadelphia


PHILADELPHIA,/PRNewswire/ -- Group K Diagnostics (GKD), a biotechnology innovator aiming to overhaul the diagnostic process for both patient and caregiver, has moved its headquarters to a combined laboratory, manufacturing and office space in Philadelphia that reflects its continued growth and expansion.

"Our company's growth far outpaced what we had anticipated, and a larger facility became a necessity. Our combined lab, manufacturing and office space also gives executive leadership greater accessibility to our departments, promoting a deeper level of collaboration," said Joe Geromini, chief operating officer at GKD. "This cross-collaboration is imperative as each branch of GKD continues to grow."

The 3,000-square-foot location, on the block of 10th and Chestnut, will deliver greater operational efficiencies for GKD, and further support the company's efforts to bring its microfluidic, point-of-care device, the MultiNostic, to market by accelerating existing research processes.

"The new, more expansive laboratory infrastructure became necessary for our ongoing research and development as we completed inpatient clinical trials and formally submitted to the FDA for approval," said Russel Van Fossen, senior lab director at GKD. "Our new location will serve many purposes, but importantly, it will allow us to use the space as a platform to fuel continued growth and increase our team's capacity for further research."

GKD completed its liver function inpatient FDA clinical trials at Penn Medicine on December 21th, 2018, and will submit its findings to the FDA once the government reopens. Additionally, findings report that each liver function test had an accuracy rate of 98% or higher for whole blood testing. The company is now in pre-clinical trials for its comprehensive metabolic panel, and will be announcing a new clinical partnership in the coming weeks.

About Group K Diagnostics 

Group K Diagnostics (GKD) is a biotechnology innovator aiming to overhaul the diagnostic process for both patient and caregiver. The company's microfluidic point-of-care device, the MultiNostic, is capable of delivering results in just 20 minutes for more than 60 blood tests, streamlining the logistical process historically associated with lab work, maximizing patient-care transparency and allowing physicians to adjust medical treatments in a timely manner. The MultiNostic is currently undergoing clinical trials for liver function and full metabolic panels, and is pending FDA approval. Backed by a well-comprised syndicate of Mid-Atlantic investors and investment groups, the company has raised $2.8 million and is valued at more than $20 million. GKD is headquartered in Philadelphia and has a full development team based in India. For more information, visit

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