GRDG Sciences Announces Preclinical Success of CRST-1 Medical Food as a PIM Inhibitor


WINTER HAVEN, Fla., Dec. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- GRDG Sciences, LLC ("GRDG") announced today that CRST-1, a new medical food, successfully inhibit PIM 1 and PIM 3 kinases in preclinical cell phosphorylation assays.

To watch people being carved up slowly is unnecessary. That is the unfortunate situation of Christy Bastian, a Forensic Accountant from Marco Island, Florida and the inspiration for this innovation. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010 and underwent multiple surgical treatments and follow-on surgeries. In August of 2012 she finally healed up and was told she was cancer-free. Then in 2020, she was diagnosed with anal adenocarcinoma with pagetoid spread which required another excruciating treatment plan including multiple painful and disfiguring surgeries. She is still in recovery from this year's battle. The war isn't over, and for her she will be doing follow-ups for the rest of her life.

"Cancer causes a great deal of collateral damage, physically and mentally, for the patients as well as their family and friends. As a two-time cancer survivor, I pray that something can be done to help others because I would not wish cancer on my worst enemy," Ms. Bastian said.

The toll these treatments have taken on her life and those of countless others are monumental. If there was a way to improve treatment options and alleviate some of the negative outcomes including morbid surgeries and harmful radiation then millions of people would live longer, healthier and more enjoyable lives.

CRST-1 is a medical food designed to accompany traditional cancer treatments to increase the effectiveness of the drugs used. It was shown to inhibit PIM 1 and PIM 3 with IC50s 0.00014 M and 0.00018 M respectively in cell phosphorylation assays. It is non-toxic and has no adverse side effects. This research was conducted by Reaction Biology Europe GmBH, the fully owned subsidiary of Reaction Biology Corporation, a top-tier independent contract research laboratory known globally for its expertise in kinase, epigenetic and oncology research.

GRDG's founder, Daryl Thompson said, "We have been focused on the COVID-19 pandemic. After meeting Christy, I remembered how cancer takes someone's dignity away from them one bite at a time. Christy's survival is based on her resilience, and more resilience means a better fight. I realized if we could remove PIM, we could remove cancer's ability to fight.

"We created the CRST-1 probe molecule and named it after Christy. Now that we have shown PIM inhibition, we will use this to increase the potency and reduce toxicity of cancer drugs. Essentially, inhibiting PIM will result in cancer fighting with one arm tied behind its back."

GRDG's Chief Scientific Advisor Dr. Roscoe M. Moore, Jr., the former United States Assistant Surgeon General, former Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC and former Associate Director of the joint Howard University and Georgetown University Comprehensive Cancer Center commented, "Targeting PIM is a key strategy to treat cancers.  Increasing the effectiveness of current treatments and improving cancer treatments is an important step forward to benefit people around the world."

GRDG is now moving to test the CRST-1 medical food in combination with cancer drugs to improve efficacy and shorten treatment times.

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