Gentium S.p.A. Announces Resignation of Board Member

Published: Mar 29, 2013

VILLA GUARDIA (COMO), Italy, March 28, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Gentium S.p.A. (Nasdaq:GENT) (the "Company") announced today that Dr. Glenn Cooper has resigned from the Company's Board of Directors, effective March 27, 2013. Dr. Cooper joined the Company's Board of Directors in 2009 and served as an independent director, a member of the Audit Committee, and Chairman of the Compensation Committee. The Company received Dr. Cooper's resignation on March 27, 2013 following a disagreement with other directors regarding Dr. Cooper's proposal to form a new committee that would be responsible for providing additional oversight regarding clinical and regulatory strategies for the approval of defibrotide. The majority of directors voting against the proposal felt that the same objectives could be carried out through the existing Scientific Oversight Committee.

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