Genovis Initiates Sales Of GlyCLICK

Today Genovis is launching GlyCLICK, a product for specific labeling of antibodies for purposes such as development of biopharmaceuticals.

LUND, Sweden--(BUSINESS WIRE)--GlyCLICK is the first of a series of products based on a technology platform in which Genovis’ unique enzyme GlycINATOR® is combined with SiteClick™ technology from Life Technologies. GlyCLICK is a new technology in an expanding market for applications in antibody development, preclinical imaging and antibody drug conjugates (ADCs). The market for biopharmaceuticals is large and many pharmaceutical companies are looking for new and improved technologies that link chemotherapy to antibodies.

“We have now expanded our portfolio with a completely new type of product that will enable us to develop an additional business area. The strength of the GlyCLICK platform is its predictability: the antibody is always labeled at exactly the same site and with the same number of markers, resulting in a precise and accurate end product. The technology is also compatible with previously developed antibodies,” says Fredrik Olsson, Chief Executive Officer.

More about GlyCLICK

GlyCLICK is a platform for labeling antibodies at the same site (site specific) each time, with high reproducibility and with a broad range of applications. GlyCLICK can be used to label antibodies with markers for microscopy, preclinical imaging or to activate the antibody for labeling in chemotherapy. Labeling antibodies with various markers is a technique used in several areas of pharmaceutical research and development. With the technology currently available in the market, the marker can attach randomly in different places on the antibody, and in many cases it could have a negative effect on the function of the antibody. In addition, the position of the marker may vary depending on the antibody that is labeled. Using the new GlyCLICK technology platform, the label always attaches at precisely the same site and it is possible to label with many different markers, which makes the technology both versatile and scalable.

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Genovis has a license for SiteClick from Life Technologies Corporation.
The SiteClick brand belongs to Life Technologies Corporation.

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