Genmab A/S Announces Preliminary Safety and Efficacy Data for Daratumumab

Published: Dec 12, 2011

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, Dec. 11, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --Genmab A/S (Copenhagen:GEN) announced today encouraging preliminary safety and efficacy data from the first Phase I/II clinical study of daratumumab (HuMax(r)-CD38) in multiple myeloma. A 49%, 55%, and 61% reduction in the serum M-component was observed in the three patients treated at the highest dose level examined so far (4 mg/kg of daratumumab). The serum M-component is an abnormal protein produced by the cancerous plasma cells and is a direct marker for tumor activity. Reduction in the serum M-component is a key factor for response evaluations in multiple myeloma. The observed level of reduction therefore indicates that daratumumab was clinically active in these multiple myeloma patients.

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