Geneva Bioinformatics SA (GeneBio)'s Expanded Phenyx Platform Debuts at HUPO 2008

Published: Aug 19, 2008

Geneva, Switzerland – August 18, 2008 - Geneva Bioinformatics (GeneBio) SA today announced that it would be demonstrating the latest version of its Phenyx protein identification and characterization platform at HUPO 2008, which will be available to users shortly after the show. This new release takes Phenyx beyond protein identification and provides users with a full discovery platform to help make the most of their MS/MS data.

Phenyx major updates fall under five categories: Quantitation, validation, PTMs, reporting, and integration. Highlights of Phenyx 2.6 include: • Support of the major labelling technologies (isobaric iTRAQ, TMT, metabolic SILAC, chemical ICAT, ICPL…) and label-free approaches; first featured will be isobaric tags and spectral counting • Analysis of simple to complex quantitation workflows: Multiple identification runs, replicates concept and multi-state analysis (time course experiments…) • Support of international standards (MCP / MIAPE exports, mzML format...) • Enhanced validation through an FDR estimation functionality and statistical report on the calibration status of the MS instrument • A new in-house algorithm for extended PTM discovery • Expanded integration with third-party software (Scaffold, TPP, Progenesis LC-MS, ProteinCenter, Modiro®, ProteinScape…) • An enhanced Database Manager to seamlessly install and update multiple public and proprietary sequence databases

“Our latest round of updates and partnerships have transformed Phenyx into an integrated MS platform that can handle the needs of the most demanding users,” said Nasri Nahas, CEO of GeneBio. “The additional robust functionality now made available in the platform will undoubtedly expand its usefulness for our customers and attract new ones. These additions are fully congruent with our vision to make protein identification easier for the proteomics community that is facing the need to integrate more and more technologies and approaches. Along with our recently announced collaborations with Nonlinear Dynamics (Progenesis LC-MS) and Protagen (Modiro), these updates help put Phenyx head-and-shoulders above similar platforms; we look forward to bringing our advances to the public in the coming days.”

Developed in collaboration with the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (SIB), Phenyx is GeneBio’s comprehensive platform for protein identification, characterization and quantitation, specifically designed to meet the concurrent demands of high-throughput MS data analysis and dynamic results assessment while offering a flexible user experience and an adaptable architecture to help instil confidence in results assessment. (

For more information concerning Phenyx, including product demonstrations, please visit GeneBio’s booth (#103) at the HUPO 7th Annual World Congress in Amsterdam, NL, from August 16-20.

About GeneBio Geneva Bioinformatics (GeneBio) SA is a leading bioinformatics company providing the life science community with world-class proteomics software that bridges the gap between information gathering and knowledge generation. Established in 1997, GeneBio focuses its expertise on protein identification and characterization as well as proteome imaging, offering clients and partners a high degree of specialization essential to proteomics research. Close ties to academic peers and a thorough network of distribution and strategic partners give the company both unfettered access to scientific excellence and recognized market presence so that we may best serve the scientific community. For more information about GeneBio, please visit:

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