Genetics Policy Institute (GPI) Engages 886 AG as Designated Sponsor

Published: Nov 13, 2009

AIRMONT, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--CNS PHARMACEUTICALS AG, (C35.F) a developer and marketer of patented natural nutraceutical products is pleased to announce that the Company’s common shares is sponsored by the German Securities Trading Bank 886 AG Wertpapier Handelsbank on the electronic trading platform Xetra. The electronic trading system Xetra is one the world’s most high-performance systems for the trading of around 300,000 international instruments. Xetra has a market share of over 90% percent in equity trading and is one of the fastest trading systems in the world with a round trip time at only two milliseconds. Financial institutions, securities trading houses and brokers can participate in Xetra trading. Xetra operates independently of the trader’s location, permitting international participation. In fact, more than 130 participants from European countries outside Germany trade on Xetra.

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