Genentech Remains Image Leader among Oncologists; Novartis Edges Out Lead among Hematologists

LIVONIA, Mich., July 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Genentech and Novartis have the best image among oncologists and hematologists, according to Market Strategies International, a market research consultancy that recently completed its 2012 Oncology Image Study. The study evaluated more than 30 attributes related to field force, corporate functions and R&D to determine which measures drive a company's image and performance in this rapidly growing, competitive marketplace.

Genentech maintains the lead in overall image across office-based and hospital-based oncologists, while Novartis, for the first time, ranks first among hematologists. Amgen remains third among office oncologists while slipping one spot among hospital oncologists; its largest gain was among hematologists, outscoring Celgene and Millennium: The Takeda Oncology Company.

Pfizer reaches the top 5 among hospital oncologists and also gains a lot of momentum among hematologists (ranking 6th this year from 12th in 2011). GlaxoSmithKline and Bristol-Myers Squibb also saw noteworthy shifts among oncologists this year.


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Over the past several years, Novartis and several others have been closing in on Genentech as the image leader. In fact, the gap in ratings between the top 10 competitors continues to narrow in 2012, as in 2011. Related to the narrowing margins of differentiation, Novartis edges out Genentech on overall image among hematologists for the first time this year, driven primarily by their leadership in the field force and corporate equity dimensions.

"Though the difference in ratings is small, this change in leadership is noteworthy as we have watched the oncology competitive field evolve quite a bit over the last several years," commented Dr. Katy Palmer, senior vice president of Market Strategies' Healthcare division.

She added that it is important to note that Celgene/Abraxis and Millennium: The Takeda Oncology Company retain two of the top five spots for hematologists in 2012, reinforcing that size of a company's oncology portfolio does not dictate image leadership.

Another key shift in 2012 is the increasing importance of non-sales representative-related attributes in driving overall image. This year, image drivers include attributes pertaining to R&D and patient focus.

Finally, our 2012 study shows that overall image does matter and correlates to several key behaviors including:

  • Recommending products to colleagues
  • Providing additional time for sales reps and medical science liaisons
  • Trying new products
  • Reading manufacturer's literature
  • Attending company-sponsored programs

"Physicians are just like the rest of us," explained Palmer. "When we have a strong image of a company or product, we tend to give them more consideration and attention than others over time."

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About the Study
Market Strategies' 2012 Oncology Image Study was fielded via the Internet in February and March among 350 physicians, 100 oncology practice managers, and 100 oncology nurses. To qualify, physicians and nurses were required to have a minimum number of oncology patients, spend at least 50 percent of their time in patient care, and have exposure to sales representatives. To qualify as a practice manager, respondents were required to work in a practice with at least three oncologists and be responsible for billing and reimbursement. Respondents were recruited from a national online panel. Due to its opt-in nature, this online panel (like most others) does not yield a random probability sample of the target population. Market Strategies will supply the exact wording of all survey questions upon request.

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