GE Healthcare Life Sciences Launches CaptoTM L Chromatography Medium for Capture of Antibodies and Antibody Fragments

Published: May 08, 2012

May 08, 2012 -- GE Healthcare’s Capto L affinity chromatography medium (resin) is designed for the purification of antibody fragments. It combines a rigid, high-flow agarose matrix with the immunoglobulin-binding recombinant protein L ligand, which has strong affinity for the variable region of antibody’s kappa light chain. Capto L is therefore suitable for purification of a range of antibody fragments such as Fabs, single-chain variable fragments and domain antibodies. With its high dynamic binding capacity and high selectivity, Capto L increases process economy and process design flexibility. Capto L is a BioProcess™ medium supported for commercial manufacturing and enables a high-productivity platform approach to antibody fragment purification.

Availability of flexible formats such as PreDictor™ plates and PreDictor RoboColumn™ units speeds up the screening and optimization of binding and elution conditions. HiTrap™ and HiScreen™ prepacked columns can be utilized for confirming screening and optimization results in packed bed conditions, as well as for convenient small scale purification.

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