Fulcrum Equity Partners Announces Formation of City Line Behavioral Healthcare and Acquisition of Life of Purpose Treatment Centers

PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Fulcrum Equity Partners announces the creation of City Line Behavioral Healthcare LLC, and the acquisition of Life of Purpose Treatment Centers.

"We recognize the growing unmet needs of the substance use disorder population, particularly young adults - ages 19-29," said Tom Greer, Fulcrum Equity Founder, and Partner. "Our acquisition of Life of Purpose helps us further solidify and enhance our continuum of stellar addiction services while meeting the needs of this population."

City Line Behavioral Healthcare LLC will act as the holding company to own its current and future behavioral healthcare assets. Andrew J. Rothermel will act as the President and CEO of both City Line Behavioral Healthcare and Life of Purpose.

Joining Rothermel as part of the City Line Behavioral Healthcare leadership team will be:

Tom Leahey - Chief Financial Officer;
Keith Arnold - Chief Marketing Officer;
Rosemarie Sullivan- Director of Quality & Compliance;
Bethany Kassar - Executive Director;
Ed Allen - Corporate Director of Business Development; &
Rebecca Lerman - Director of Marketing.

Rothermel noted, "I am thrilled to be working with this team of seasoned industry professionals. We are poised to help ensure more people can gain access to affordable, quality treatment."

Life of Purpose specializes in evidence-based treatment services for young adults whose education has been disrupted by substance abuse. The treatment center has facilities in Camden County, New Jersey and Palm Beach County, Florida. Life of Purpose also has the first primary care treatment center to be located on a college campus in the United States. It is situated on the campus of Florida Atlantic University.

"Our acquisition of Life of Purpose further enhances our ability to provide evidence-based, clinically sound, affordable addiction treatment to Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Florida," said Rothermel. "Our program focuses on strengthening life skills necessary to succeed during and after treatment."

Andrew Burki, MSW, founder of Life of Purpose commented, "For the past five years, our mission has been helping clients to find purpose through higher education, trade school, and professional development, both during and post treatment. This acquisition brings us one step closer to changing the paradigm for how substance use disorder treatment is conducted in America."

Going forward, Burki will serve as Director of Public Policy for Life of Purpose, helping to continue to advocate for and on behalf of substance abusers and their families.

Fulcrum's current addiction treatment provider Liberation Way, located in Pennsylvania, will be integrated into Life of Purpose Treatment Centers, a subsidiary of the City Line Addiction Treatment Family.

About City Line:

City Line Behavioral Healthcare LLC was created by Fulcrum Equity Partners as the holding company to own its current and future behavioral healthcare assets. City Line Behavioral Healthcare's core focus will be in identifying, acquiring and integrating treatment centers throughout the greater mid-atlantic and southeastern United States. To learn more, please visit www.citylinebh.com.

About Life of Purpose:

Life of Purpose Treatment Centers were created in 2013 by Founder Andrew Burki, MSW. The program provides services specifically designed to assist emerging adults who have a desire to focus on their education, vocational training and/or professional development. To learn more, please visit www.lifeofpurposetreatment.com

About Fulcrum:

Fulcrum Equity Partners is a growth equity firm that has deep experience in building successful multi-center healthcare providers, and providing financing expansion capital to rapidly growing companies. One of its key investment verticals is the healthcare industry where the goals of lowering treatment costs, providing quality outcomes, and ensuring superior healthcare availability remain key strategies to success. To learn more, please visit www.fulcrumep.com.

Contact: Missy Orlando, Media and Public Relations Director for City Line Behavioral Healthcare

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