Founder And CEO of German BRAIN AG, Dr. Holger Zinke, Is Awarded With The "Deutschen Umweltpreis 2008"

Published: Sep 30, 2008

ZWINGENBERG, Deutschland--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The „Deutsche Umweltpreis“ 2008 of the German „Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt“ (DBU) is awarded to Dr. Holger Zinke, CEO of German BRAIN AG in Zwingenberg. The hessian entrepreneur and pioneer within industrial biotechnology segment will receive one half of the within Europe most lucrative environmental prize, worth 500.000 euros, in the Rostock Town Hall on 26 October. It will be presented by German President Horst Köhler. With the “Deutschen Umweltpreis” the DBU recognizes the achievements of Dr. Holger Zinke and his company BRAIN AG, built up by the entrepreneur.

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