ForteBio, Inc. Launches Dip and Read™ Anti-Human Fab-CH1 Biosensor to Accelerate Human Biotherapeutic Drug Development

Published: Jan 10, 2013

PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ForteBio, a division of Pall Life Sciences and a leading supplier of label-free technology that accelerates the development of biotherapeutic and pharmaceutical products, today announced the launch of its Dip and Read Anti-Human Fab-CH1 biosensor. The new biosensor enables an easy and rapid method for quantitation and kinetic characterization of human Fab, F(ab’)2 and IgG – critical processes in drug discovery. Dip and Read biosensors are designed for use on ForteBio’s Octet® and BLItz™ instrumentation systems.

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