Forte Research Systems, Inc. Release: OnCore Version 12.0 Delivers Robust Functionality for Supporting Clinical Research Billing Compliance

Published: May 11, 2012

MADISON, Wis., May 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Forte Research Systems, Inc., developer of clinical and translational research software systems, is pleased to announce the newest version of its flagship product, the OnCore clinical research management system. Designed for mid-sized to large academic medical centers, research hospitals, and cancer centers, OnCore Version 12.0 features comprehensive coverage analysis functionality for maintaining billing compliance.


OnCore 12.0: The Solution to Billing Compliance Challenges

Inaccurate billing can result in serious consequences for clinical research institutions. Because prevention is the first step to billing compliance, the new Coverage Analysis module offers an array of related features to help institutions manage risk:

  • Qualifying Clinical Trial Checklist provides the ability to store and report information for determining if a protocol meets requirements for insurance reimbursements.
  • Procedure Billing Designations assist with assigning the correct billing codes and documenting the source for the decision.
  • Billing Grid displays procedures and visits with their designations.
  • Multiple Version Management allows for changes as regulations and protocols evolve.
  • Sign-off improves accuracy.

The development of the Coverage Analysis module is a result of the recent partnership with Meade and Roach, LLP, and its subsidiary, Aegis Compliance and Ethics Center, LLP, consulting firms that lent their expertise in the area of research billing compliance throughout the development of the module.

"With the latest enhancement, the OnCore clinical research management system is now the best system available to assist institutions with their billing compliance strategies," said Srini Kalluri, Founder, President, CEO, and Chief Customer Officer at Forte Research Systems.

Largest Release to Date

In its 12-year existence, this is the largest release of the OnCore platform, which required an extensive software engineering effort to perfect the Coverage Analysis module as well as 120 additional enhancements to the system. Among the other top features in the new version:

  • Protocol Submission console for reporting to
  • Unified Registries Management application is fully integrated with the Clinical Research and Biospecimen Management applications
  • Biospecimen Management application includes usability enhancements, such as the ability to manage multiple consent forms for individual samples
  • Effort tracking functionality with a variety of filters for generating reports

"The release of OnCore 12.0 is a significant achievement for Forte, as well as the clinical research industry at large. It creates cost and operational efficiencies across the board," Kalluri said. "As the largest release to date, it delivers functionality that is unmatched and further solidifies our position as the leaders in this space."

SOURCE Forte Research Systems, Inc.

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