FlowMetric Life Sciences Partners with BurstIQ Bringing Blockchain Technology to Personalized Medicine

DOYLESTOWN, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--FlowMetric Life Sciences Inc., a global provider of specialty flow cytometry services and personalized medicine testing products, announced this week that the company has entered into partnership with BurstIQ, a leader in the healthcare blockchain data sector.

FlowMetric’s enterprise-level deployment of the BurstIQ blockchain platform marks a first for the life sciences, biotech and pharmaceutical industry. Initial applications will focus on FlowMetric’s direct-to-consumer line of health and wellness testing products. Coupling this service with the BurstIQ blockchain platform will provide consumers with unprecedented data security and the ability to govern how their personal information is shared, utilized and monetized. FlowMetric’s full suite of personalized medicine products, which will initially include chromosomal age tests, cellular toxicity analysis, oxidative stress and inflammation monitoring, will utilize BurstIQ’s digital token-based monetization platform (Token: BIQ) and will be offered through BurstIQ’s healthcare marketplace.

Future phases of the partnership will bring BurstIQ’s proprietary blockchain platform and its advanced intelligence layer to FlowMetric’s Fortune 500 pharmaceutical customers, enabling secure and auditable chain of custody tracking for clinical sample analysis and secure data exchange between FlowMetric and its enterprise customers.

“The future of data is in blockchain,” says Ren Capocasale, CEO of FlowMetric. “The BurstIQ platform will allow us to offer a level of service to both our enterprise and individual customers that is truly best in class. In addition, it opens new distribution and partnership channels that will accelerate our growth.”

Christopher P. Molineaux, President and CEO of Life Sciences PA notes, “It’s notable that once again, entrepreneurial, Pennsylvania-based companies like FlowMetric lead the way by adopting revolutionary technologies such as blockchain to optimize their flow cytometry services and ultimately enhance patient care.”

“The expansion of promise of blockchain technologies has now reached personalized medicine, where security and control of information are paramount,” notes Anthony P Green, PhD., Vice President, Technology Commercialization Group at the Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern PA. “This novel partnership between FlowMetric and BurstIQ can address and mitigate these very real concerns and has the potential to impact an entire industry.”

Frank Ricotta, CEO of BurstIQ, commented; “Our partnership with FlowMetric sets the foundation for an entirely new economy in which the value of health data can be fully realized. Individuals who have a FlowMetric personalized medicine test completed will be able to access and control their test results, combine it with other health data, and gain real value from that data through marketplaces of products, services and research opportunities tailored just for them. FlowMetric’s suite of personalized medicine products is an essential component of this new economy.”

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