Fischer Pharmaceutical Ltd. Selects TransMedia to Introduce in the U.S. Israel's Most Popular Sunscreens, ULTRASOL®

Published: Aug 01, 2011

BOCA RATON, Fla., Aug. 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Fischer Pharmaceutical Ltd., a multi-national company specializing in R&D and manufacture of a wide variety of skin and health care products, has retained TransMedia Group to introduce Israel's most popular sunscreen, Dr. Fischer ULTRASOL®, in the United States.

"Fischer Pharmaceuticals is at the forefront of many sunscreen innovations such as the introduction of the SPF system and incorporation of antioxidants and moisturizers in sunscreens," said TransMedia Group's CEO, Tom Madden.

"Our publicity will underscore that ULTRASOL® was the first to incorporate the broad spectrum UVA & UVB natural filters in their preparations, now preparing to shield America's sunbathers more reliably from the sun's harmful UV rays using their science based, Superior Sun Technology formulations."

According to TransMedia's Manager of Public Relations Abby Blake, Dr. Fischer continues to support his "high-tech" pharmaceutical approach as the main essence of the corporation, which is reflected in its trademark of "Science Inside".

TransMedia's publicity will highlight how ULTRASOL® is a world-leading brand of sunscreens incorporating the latest advances in sunscreen technology. ULTRASOL® offers Exclusive Grid Technology that guards the skin with 4 different accumulative layers of sun protection, Blake said.

The entire ULTRASOL® line is skin-friendly and customized for all skin types and activities under the sun. TransMedia's campaign will include the line's extensive range of lotions and sprays for adults, athletes, kids and babies.

One major corporation, Walgreens, currently sells Dr. Fischer ULTRASOL® along with a growing number of retailers nationwide.

"Our job will be to make Dr. Fischer's products as well known in America as they are in Israel and Europe, where his science-backed pharmaceutical and health care products are widely respected and considered legendary," explained Madden.

Dr. Fischer® is a brand customers trust because his products are highly recommended by dermatologists and the American skin cancer foundation as an effective UV sunscreen. All products were tested and approved according to international and the FDA standards.

Dr. Fischer received his Doctorate of Pharmacy degree from University of California and has been a teaching fellow at Harvard University. He returned to Israel in 1965 to establish his R&D and manufacturing company, specializing in ophthalmology and dermatology.

For more information about ULTRASOL® or Dr. Fischer himself, contact Abby Blake at 561-750-9800 x229 or

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