FirstCare Health Plans Brings GoNoodle Plus to Amarillo Area Schools

AUSTIN, Texas, July 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, officials at FirstCare Health Plans announced an exciting initiative to bring GoNoodle and its infectiously energetic programming to over 26,000 students and 1,400 teachers in 63 Amarillo elementary schools through May 2021.

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, GoNoodle online movement videos and games get kids running, jumping, dancing and stretching at school and at home. Trusted by teachers and parents and loved by kids, GoNoodle is one of the fastest-growing digital kids brands that inspires, measures, and rewards elementary-age kids to move more while having fun. The videos' gamified elements motivate kids while helping teachers create a great classroom environment. The premium version, GoNoodle Plus--which FirstCare has made available--includes additional videos and games that bring movement and core subjects together for grade-specific math, science and language arts topics

"FirstCare's partnership with GoNoodle--to bring this experience to our members and the community in Amarillo's Potter and Randall counties--supports our belief that all Texans and our communities should be healthy," said FirstCare President and CEO Darnell Dent. "This kind of partnership echoes our Mission of building healthier communities. The fact that GoNoodle directly impacts our younger Texans and their families makes it all the more fulfilling for us as a steward of the Amarillo community too."

Approximately one-quarter of today's youth meet the current recommendation of at least 60 minutes of physical activity per day, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). GoNoodle, together with FirstCare Health Plans and the Amarillo school districts, is making the connection between movement, mindfulness and better learning, while encouraging students to engage in physical activity by combining it with an entertaining experience.

"Regular physical activity is critically important to the healthy development of kids, both physically and emotionally. We also know that healthy kids do better in school," said GoNoodle CEO KC Estenson. "Thanks to a generous partnership with FirstCare Health Plans, GoNoodle is helping to make Amarillo-area classrooms active spaces where kids can earn important minutes of physical activity while also enhancing learning."

To use GoNoodle, teachers need to have a computer with an internet connection and a shared screen (i.e., a projector or interactive whiteboard). At home, parents and their children can create and customize their accounts and move along with GoNoodle videos online or on a mobile device.

FirstCare and GoNoodle will host a kick-off event in Amarillo later this year. Stay tuned for further details!

By the Numbers

  • 97% of teachers have seen improvements in their students' engagement and attitude toward physical activity
  • Active users in all 50 states and 185 countries
  • Used in over 66,000 schools (over 80% of U.S. elementary schools)
  • 2 million families are playing GoNoodle at home
  • Over 14 million kids (and growing) play GoNoodle each month
  • Over 6 billion minutes of physical activity in past year

Case Study

  • In 2017, Cook's Children's Center for Children's Health announced results of a study highlighting GoNoodle's impact and effectiveness on health and academics.
  • An average 13% improvement in childhood normal weight (BMI) for elementary students who attended schools using GoNoodle
  • Students using GoNoodle had reading knowledge skills 23% higher than those students who did not use GoNoodle.

About GoNoodle

GoNoodle (launched in 2013), gets kids moving to be their smartest, strongest, bravest, silliest, bestest selves. GoNoodle is among the fastest adopted online resources used by elementary teachers; connecting movement, mindfulness and learning for their students. Delivering measurable gains in academics and health, GoNoodle's 100's of short interactive videos and games get kids moving throughout the school day, keeping them energized and focused, while introducing curricular topics, practicing mindfulness or just getting the wiggles out. GoNoodle supports teachers in optimizing learning opportunities while creating a joyful classroom. Currently, more than 14 million kids and over 650,000 teachers use GoNoodle each month. GoNoodle is used in 80% of U.S. public elementary schools in all 50 states and worldwide in 185 countries. Over 2 million families use GoNoodle at home, turning screen time into active time, either through, apps for the iPhone and Apple TV and through the GoNoodle YouTube channel. Learn more at

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