Fabric Genomics Enters Strategic Partnership With Veritas Genetics

OAKLAND, Calif. & DANVERS, Mass. & PHOENIX--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Fabric Genomics, a global computational genomics company, and Veritas Genetics, the global leader in genetic sequencing and interpretation, announced today at the ACMG Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting that they have entered into a technology partnership. The goal of the collaboration is to accelerate Veritas’ myGenome product for personal whole genome sequencing using Fabric Genomics’ new rapid annotation offering, Fabric AnnotationTM.

“Veritas Genetics broke historic ground by making whole genome sequencing and interpretation broadly accessible through myGenome”

Fabric Annotation is a rapid, comprehensive variant annotation pipeline that appends gene and impact information, and multiple predictive scores, as well as links to extensive literature evidence. Using Fabric Annotation, labs can fully automate variant annotation for their panel, exome and genome tests. The data they receive is comprehensive, accurate and up to date (data sources are updated monthly). Fabric Annotation provides whole genome annotation in about less than 10 minutes, enabling rapid turnaround time for those with high-throughput needs.

Veritas’ myGenome is the world’s first whole genome test offering, priced less than $1,000, and provides sequencing, interpretation and a call with a genetic counselor, when appropriate. Veritas now uses Fabric Annotation to help automate variant interpretation, through use of Fabric Genomics’ proprietary technology. This automation assists in production scaling, cost reduction, and 24-7 processing availability.

“Veritas Genetics broke historic ground by making whole genome sequencing and interpretation broadly accessible through myGenome,” said Matt Tindall CEO Fabric Genomics. “For us, this partnership is not just about accelerating results; it’s about a shared mission to empower people to live both healthier and longer by providing them access to their genomic information.”

According to Diego Martinez, head of bioinformatics, Veritas Genetics, “Fabric Genomics has been a great partner in automating our interpretation pipeline, and making our workflow both seamless and scalable. The clean interface and quick response time from Fabric Annotation has made variant filtration and analysis much easier. Additionally, the level of collaboration and integration through this partnership has saved us a lot of human and computational resources as we have expanded.”

About Veritas Genetics

Veritas Genetics is a global leader in providing in genetic testing, interpretation, and storage services to individuals, physicians, and medical researchers. By removing barriers to genetic screening and whole genome sequencing, Veritas Genetics empowers individuals and doctors to make informed lifestyle decisions that help people live longer, healthier lives. The company was recognized by MIT Technology Review as one of the top “50 Smartest Companies 2016.” Veritas was founded by leaders in genomics from Harvard Medical School and operates globally from its offices in the U.S., Europe and China. Learn more at veritasgenetics.com.

About Fabric Genomics

Fabric GenomicsTM is a computational genomics company offering end-to-end genomic data analysis, annotation, curation, classification and reporting solutions to clinical labs, hospital labs, country sequencing programs and life science companies. Fabric Genomics’ analytic capabilities begin with raw data analysis and include the delivery of rapid, comprehensive insights for high throughout panels, exomes, and whole genomes. The company can process any NGS file input (e.g. FASTQ, BAM or VCF) providing alignment, variant calling, annotation, guideline-driven variant classification, variant interpretation and clinical reporting for both hereditary disease and oncology. Fabric Genomics was founded by scientists and industry pioneers in bioinformatics, large-scale genomics and molecular diagnostics, and is headquartered in Oakland, California with satellite offices in London, Seattle, Salt Lake City and Boston. By accelerating access to insights related to the cause of genetic diseases, Fabric Genomics is leading the way in precision healthcare.

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