Fab'entech Completes Fund Raising Of €5 Million To Set Up Deployment Of Its Activities Outside France

Published: Jun 24, 2014

Paris, France, 24 June 2014 – Fab’entech, the specialist in specific polyclonal immunoglobulins against emerging infectious diseases, announces the completion of €5 million in fund raising with Auriga Partners, R2V, Rhône-Alpes Création, Sigma Gestion and several companies investing on a personal level.

Fab’entech, a biopharmaceutical company founded in Lyon, France, is aiming to become the global benchmark in anti-infectious passive immunotherapeutic solutions. The company is developing an extensive portfolio of polyclonal immunoglobulins, centred on a first product aimed at fighting infections caused by H5N1 avian flu. Fab’entech relies on a proven and recognised technology stemming from Sanofi Pasteur – the vaccines division of Sanofi – and in close collaboration with its historical partner, the INSERM – Jean Mérieux BSL4 Laboratory.

The company is firmly rooted in Lyon for its R&D and production activities. In contrast, the markets targeted by Fab’entech are essentially international, in all countries, both industrialised and emerging, that are obliged to face the rising risks of pandemics and emerging infectious diseases. The company develops therapeutic solutions against diseases such as avian flu H5N1 and H7N9, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF), the Ebola and Lassa viruses, encephalitis and pneumonias linked to the Nipah and Hendra viruses, respiratory diseases caused by coronaviruses (MERS-Cov and SARS), and also bioterrorist threats.

This fund raising operation marks the launch of a new phase of growth for Fab’entech. It aims to help the company step up its international expansion, especially in Australia and Asia, extend its product portfolio to cover a wide range of pathogens and to build its own production site in Lyon. The operation comes in addition to almost €10 million in state financing through various partnership programmes.

In addition to representatives of financial investors, the company’s supervisory board is to welcome Mr Jacques-François Martin, who was notably CEO of Pasteur Merieux Connaught (now Sanofi Pasteur) and Chiron Vaccines (now Novartis), as Chairman of the Supervisory Board, and Mr Albert Saporta, former Chairman and CEO of Stallergènes.

For Bertrand Lépine, Chairman and Founder: “We are delighted to have professional investors in our capital who have knowledge of Life Sciences and are capable of actively accompanying Fab’entech in its growth strategy. The passive immunotherapy treatments developed and manufactured by Fab’entech have the potential to become a central factor in the strategy of sanitary shield and fight against emerging infectious diseases with a pandemic risk throughout the world”.

Franck Lescure, in charge of the AURIGA IV Bioseeds fund at AURIGA Partners, added: “Fab’entech’s technology is a genuine asset for fighting against emerging infectious diseases as the sector is cruelly lacking a therapeutic arsenal. Bertrand’s experience, as well as all the skills that he has managed to bring together in this project, convinced us to take part in this entrepreneurial adventure”.

Mathieu Viallard, Senior Associate for Rhône Alpes Création and R2V: “In view of the increasing pandemic risk of certain infectious diseases, we are confident in Fab’entech’s ability to offer efficient solutions and to obtain top-notch international positions”.

Guillaume Hemmerlé, Investment Director at Sigma Gestion: “For us, Fab’entech’s expertise drawing upon a renowned technology is a huge opportunity to take part in the creation of a first-class international player to respond to public health challenges”.

About Fab’entech

Founded in 2009 in Lyon, France, and member of the LyonBiopôle cluster, Fab’entech is a biopharmaceutical company that develops and markets a range of innovative passive immunotherapeutic solutions based on specific polyclonal immunoglobulins [F(ab’)2] in the field of emerging infectious diseases, as well as for certain drug intoxications.

In a context marked by the increasing risks of emerging infectious diseases such as H5N1 avian flu, CCHF, Hendra/Nipah, SARS, Ebola and Lassa, Fab’entech develops flexible custom specific polyclonal immunoglobulins capable of responding quickly to public health challenges and in a field where no satisfactory therapeutic solutions exist to date.

For further information: http://www.fabentech.com

About Auriga Partners

AURIGA Partners is an independent Capital Innovation company with more than €350 million under management. It invests in equity in the Information and Communications Technology and Life Sciences sectors, in innovative and high-potential projects, in France and outside France, from the early development stages up to the international commercial expansion phase.

AURIGA IV Bioseeds is a seed fund, specialised in projects stemming from scientific knowledge in Infectology and Microbiology. The fund invests in various and complementary projects based on an innovative vision of seed investment aimed at favouring the post-seed development of the technological innovations concerned.

For further information: http://www.aurigapartners.com

About Rhônes-Alpes Création and R2V

With €25 million under management, the R2V fund (Rhône Alpes Création Viveris Venture) is supported by private and public institutional partners, first and foremost of which Bpifrance with €15 million, the National Seed Fund (Fonds National d’Amorçage – FNA), the Rhône-Alpes and Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur regions, accompanied by Caisses d’Épargne, BNP Paribas, Une Rivière Un Territoire Financement (EDF), the UIMM and several family offices.

Since its launch in 1989, Rhône-Alpes Création has supported more than 240 companies by investing in the capital of young companies from the Rhône-Alpes region in order to finance their early stages of development. With €69 million in funds under management thanks to backing from the Rhône-Alpes Region, Bpifrance, regional banks and industrial groups, Rhône-Alpes Création occupies a central position in the financing of the seed and creation phases. It manages a portfolio of 60 stakes with an active team of eight members.

For more information: www.r-a-c.fr

About Sigma Gestion

SIGMA GESTION manages investment capital funds specialised in small and medium sized companies. A subsidiary of the ACG Group, SIGMA GESTION manages almost €180 million and has undertaken more than 144 capital operations in small/mid-sized companies. Since 1993 it has invested in high growth potential companies located in France for amounts ranging from around €300K to €2000K. These investments cover all business sectors and the creation, development and disposal of companies.

For further information: www.sigmagestion.com

Press contacts
Fab’entech / Auriga Partners
Bertrand Lépine: +33 04 37 70 67 67 /bertrand.lepine@fabentech.com
Rhône-Alpes Création / R2V
Mathieu Viallard, Chargé d’Affaires Senior, +33 4 72 52 39 39
Sigma Gestion
Guillaume Hemmerlé, Directeur des participations, +33 1 47 03 98 42

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