Eviagenics Closes EUR 1.3 Million Financing Round

Published: Feb 09, 2011

PARIS, February 9, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Eviagenics, a French biotech company, is pleased to announce the closing of a series A financing round to scale up its technical and commercial development. At this occasion the FCPR Emertec 4 managed by Emertec Management, CEA Investissement, and Genopole Premier Jour managed by CapDecisif Management provide a total contribution of EUR 1.3 million.

Located in the incubator Paris Sante Cochin Eviagenics has developed an innovative technology, the in vivo recombination, which allows to assemble and recombine complete metabolic pathways directly in living cells. This unique technology enables not only to improve the production of proteins and multi-enzyme complexes, but also to generate new molecules for numerous applications including green chemistry, nutrition and pharmaceuticals.

"The chemical and pharmaceutical industries are constantly seeking to replace conventional chemical production processes by environmentally friendly manufacturing processes based on biocatalysis. In addition, they have an urgent need to develop new products. Our technology offers the ideal solution for the optimization of bioprocesses and the development of new products since it is the only technology that enables to assemble and improve complete metabolic pathways in a highly efficient way", commented Rudy Pandjaitan, CEO of the company.

"The funds raised will be used to commercialize our technology platform through collaborations with leading chemical and pharmaceutical companies, but most importantly to develop our own in-house products such as biopolymers, alcohols, or polyphenols for applications in the chemical and health industry," added Rudy Pandjaitan.

About Eviagenics

EVIAGENICS is a French biotechnology company whose goal is to create new products and improved manufacturing processes for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry by applying its patented in vivo recombination technology. EVIAGENICS activities are based on a solid and unique patent portfolio and a highly experienced team.

Contact: Rudy Pandjaitan Tel: +33(0)1-55-42-15-75 contact@eviagenics.com

About Emertec Gestion

Emertec Gestion is a venture capital firm managing EUR 120 Million. FCPR Emertec 4 is dedicated to fund innovative companies positioned in the field of energy, environment and mobility.

Contact: Eric Marty Tel: +33(0)1-80-18-11-21 emarty@emertec.fr

About CEA Investissement

CEA Investissement is a fully owned subsidiary of the CEA, a government funded technological research organization, specialized in seed investment in start-ups either exploiting innovations stemming from the CEA or technologically close to the CEA's R&D. These include information technologies, micro electronics, healthcare, energy and environment.

Contact: Celia Hart Tel: +33(0)4-38-78-29-48 celia.hart@cea.fr

About CapDecisif Management

CapDecisif Management is a management company approved by the AMF. CapDecisif Management manages three private equity venture funds whose aim is to invest in early stage innovative companies with high potential. CapDecisif Management is supported in particular by CDC Entreprises, Ile-de-France and Natexis. Its portfolio contains 27 companies in information technologies, life sciences and clean tech.


Catherine Boule Tel: +33-6-86-11-27-63 catherine.boule@capdecisif.com

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