Eosera To Introduce Earwax MD To ENT Community At AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting

Chicago, IL, September 5, 2017— Eosera Inc, a Fort Worth, TX-based biotechnology startup company specializing in innovative ear care products, will introduce their revolutionary new product, Earwax MD® to Otolaryngologists (ENTs) at the American Academy of Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery Foundation & OTO Experience Annual Meeting to be held from Sunday, September 10 - Wednesday, September 13, 2017 in Chicago, IL. At the meeting, Eosera will also release the peer-reviewed publication for the clinical safety and efficacy trial published in the BMC Ear, Nose and Throat Disorders Journal. Eosera will also release results of a recent study conducted by New York-based AMA Laboratories, revealing that Earwax MD produces no irritation or sensitization to the skin, a fact that will further impulse doctors to recommend the product to their patients suffering from earwax impaction.

Earwax MD is a new patent pending technology designed to dissolve earwax in 15 minutes. It is a topical drop that works to breakdown earwax quickly and safely in the ear canal. The product is a game changer for the earwax removal category because it is backed by scientific data and a clinical study supporting the efficacy of its product

“Eighteen million Americans go to their doctor every single year just to have their earwax extracted. Additionally, earwax management is a constant challenge for ENTs who need a quick and effective solution to use in-office, as well as to recommend for patients to use at-home for routine maintenance.” said Elyse Dickerson, Founder & CEO of Eosera, Inc.

Joe Griffin, co-founder and CSO, said, “We are absolutely thrilled to introduce Earwax MD as the first product on the market that is proven to dissolve earwax in 86% of patients in 15-30 minutes. While Earwax MD’s speed of effectiveness varies slightly among patients because each patient has a different type of earwax, the product is increasingly considered by healthcare professionals to be far better than anything currently on the market to solve earwax impaction,” he said. The company will also share the results of a recent Skin Irritation/Sensitization Evaluation of Earwax MD study by AMA Laboratories, wherein fifty subjects were exposed to Earwax MD under the direction of a dermatologist. The objective of this Repeat Insult Patch Test (RIPT) was to evaluate the irritation and sensitization potential of Earwax MD.

No adverse reactions were noted during the course of this study. At the conclusion of the study, Eosera’s Earwax MD was considered a non-primary irritant and non-primary sensitizer to the skin. In all 50 subjects tested, there was no evidence of any skin irritation. Earwax MD was determined to be safe by a dermatologist.

ENTs can carry two versions of Earwax MD in their practice— the 2-ounce bottle for in-office use and a smaller bottle available to resell to patients in their clinics.

Earwax MD is available for all doctors to recommend to their patients to purchase on Amazon and at CVS stores nationwide starting in September. Healthcare professionals can also order through distributors such as Oaktree Products, Warner Tech, and ADCO Hearing. The Eosera team will be at Booth Number 226 in the OTC pavilion at the conference. Visit the Eosera Booth to learn more about Earwax MD, as well as to register to win an apple watch.

About EOSERA/Earwax MD

EOSERA®, Inc. is a majority woman-owned biotech company committed to developing products that address underserved medical needs. Eosera operates by putting purpose before profits and is proud to be one of the pioneering companies in a movement called Conscious Capitalism. Eosera exists to heal hu¬mans through innovative healthcare products.

Eosera’s first product, Earwax MD®, is a novel, patent-pending topical drop that uses a dual-action technology to dissolve impacted earwax. It is the first topical earwax treatment innovation in over 50 years. Earwax MD is clinically proven to perform in a single treatment, unlike alternatives that require multiple applications over time. Earwax MD is the only product on the market today that is supported by scientific efficacy. In 2015, Eosera won a $50,000 pitch competition by Comerica Bank, which helped raise the startup’s first round of seed funding reaching $1.2M. For more information, visit www.earwaxmd.com.

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