Entrinsic Bioscience Shares Breakthrough in Rehydration Technology at Prestigious Plenary Session During Digestive Disease Week

NORWOOD, Mass., May 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Groundbreaking research conducted by a team of leading researchers at Entrinsic Bioscience (EBS) and the University of Florida revealed significant findings that will change the way we understand amino acid combinations and represents the next generation of Oral Rehydration Solutions (ORS). Sadasivan Vidyasagar, MBBS, PhD and associate professor of the Department of Radiation Oncology, University of Florida, led the team in this research. Dr. Vidyasagar is also a founder of Entrinsic Bioscience and chair of the Entrinsic Scientific Advisory Board. The paper, titled "Select Amino Acids (AA-ORS) Improve Electrolyte and Fluid Absorption in a Rodent Diarrhea Model" was presented yesterday by Astrid Grosche, PhD, University of Florida, at a Plenary Session during Digestive Disease Week (May 6-9) in Chicago.

The study demonstrated that Entrinsic's AA-ORS was superior to WHO-ORS in increasing electrolyte and fluid absorption in the presence of cholera toxin, decreasing epithelial anion channel activity and improving intestinal barrier function. This advanced ORS formulation will now undergo testing in clinical trials for validation as a new treatment option in patients with infectious diarrhea.

These findings are expected to have a significant impact on the field as they represent a breakthrough in rehydration technology. A precise, patented blend of amino acids was utilized to provide active transport of electrolytes and water into the bloodstream without glucose and demonstrated superior results to glucose-based WHO-ORS.

"We are thrilled to announce the results of our latest research study and share statistically-significant data to demonstrate the superiority of this ORS in the total absence of sugar," says Dr. Vidyasagar. "The findings not only validate the effectiveness of this amino acid product but also represent the next generation of oral hydration solutions and will inform our future development and innovation."

Acute diarrheal infection is the cause of almost 700 million illnesses globally each year. Infectious diarrhea results in massive fluid losses, severe dehydration and is a leading cause for infant mortality and morbidity worldwide. In 1962, the WHO introduced the first glucose-based ORS formula, saving many millions of lives around the world. The standard of care, particularly for domestic presentations, included usage of sugar (glucose)-based oral rehydration solutions to augment the replacement of water and salt losses. But concerns existed regarding the potential for glucose to aggravate bowel secretions, thus delaying recovery.

In 2004, the WHO updated their ORS formula to improve tolerability by reducing the glucose and electrolyte levels. Now, the Entrinsic AA-ORS will be tested in clinical trials for validation in patients with infectious diarrhea.

"This study builds on Entrinsic Bioscience's extensive research demonstrating the potential for amino acids to be an important advance over sugar in oral rehydration solutions," says Charles Mohs, president of Entrinsic consumer healthcare. "This preclinical study demonstrated the superiority of the Entrinsic Amino Acid-based ORS in increasing electrolyte and fluid absorption and improving intestinal barrier function."

Dr. Vidyasagar and Entrinsic experts will be available at Booth #5217 in the South Building to answer any questions about the study. They will also discuss the launch of Enterade® IBS-D, which utilizes an Entrinsic patented amino acid combination in its formula. Enterade IBS-D is a medical food formulated for dietary management of GI symptoms associated with IBS-D.

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Entrinsic Bioscience (EBS) is a pioneering life science company that combines its proprietary platform and discovery engine to deliver patented, next generation therapeutic compositions, functional ingredients and product innovations designed to provide multiple consumer health and wellness benefits. Through proprietary bio-mapping and electrophysiology techniques, the EBS platform harnesses the body's natural processes to restore, protect and enhance health and wellness.


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