EMulate Therapeutics Featured in Healthcare Tech Outlook Article titled "Ushering in a New Era in Non-Invasive Cancer Therapy"

SEATTLE, WA / ACCESSWIRE / March 17, 2021 / EMulate Therapeutics Inc., a clinical-stage therapeutic device company, is featured in a Healthcare Tech Outlook article, titled "Ushering in a New Era in Non-Invasive Cancer Therapy," written by Jessica Stanley.

An excerpt from the article can be found below:

"EMulate Therapeutics Voyager ulRFE® system. It is a non-invasive, non-thermal, non-ionizing, non-sterile medical device, the first of many product expressions of the company's underlying ulRFE platform technology. Showing promise in preclinical and clinical trials, the EMulate Therapeutics Voyager has potential treatment applications in a wide range of diseases, including cancer, chronic pain, and inflammation, among others. EMulate Therapeutics' Voyager device is currently being evaluated to treat glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) brain tumors in human clinical trials.

‘The ultimate goal of EMulate Therapeutics is to deliver beneficial effects that would improve life for humans, animals, and other biological organisms without the need for chemicals that may have harmful side effects,' says Chris E. Rivera, President and CEO of EMulate Therapeutics.

As EMulate Therapeutics has a platform technology that can be applied to a variety of different vertical markets, the company is establishing subsidiaries focused on cancer treatment, pain management, CNS disorders, animal health, and other sectors. EMulate Therapeutics already recently established one subsidiary, Hapbee Technologies (OTC: HAPBF), with an exclusive focus on consumer markets.

For the future, Rivera also envisions that additional subsidiaries will expand the technology very quickly: ‘The success of our subsidiary, Hapbee, is really a valuable model for rapid technology expansion and building value in EMulate Therapeutics to hopefully help thousands of people in the future.' Rivera attributes their continuing success in digital therapeutics to the EMulate Therapeutics team. The team, comprising engineers, clinicians, pharma and biotech experts, and marketers, has emerged as the company's biggest asset."

The article can be read in its entirety at: https://digital-therapeutics.healthcaretechoutlook.com/vendor/emulate-therapeutics-ushering-in-a-new-era-in-noninvasive-cancer-therapy-cid-1958-mid-175.html.

About EMulate Therapeutics, Inc.

EMulate Therapeutics is a clinical-stage therapeutic device company that makes targeted, non-invasive, safe, and effective treatment a reality. The company's groundbreaking technology has the potential to treat cancer and various other diseases without chemicals, radiation, or drugs and with minimal or no adverse effects. The technology is based on magnetically-induced changes to cellular function to produce a therapeutic response. It uses precisely targeted, ultra-low radiofrequency energy delivered via non-invasive devices, such as the EMulate Therapeutics Voyager and Hӕlo®, to specifically regulate signaling and metabolic pathways on the molecular and genetic levels. To learn more, please visit https://emulatetx.com/

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