Empirical Bioscience’s New Agarose Gel Extraction Kit Streamlines And Maximizes DNA Purification

Published: Mar 22, 2017

(GRAND RAPIDS, MICH)—March 22, 2017— Empirical Bioscience announced today that they have introduced a new Agarose Gel Extraction Kit that offers a simplified DNA purification process and robust results.

Specifically designed to enhance efficiency, the kit arrives with the necessary components including, extraction buffer, activation buffer, washing buffer, elution buffer, spin columns, and collection tubes. Empirical Bioscience’s Agarose Gel Extraction Kit allows for efficient DNA purification from agarose gels. The kit provides maximum recovery of DNA from 100bp to 10kb while simultaneously removing primer-dimers, primers, nucleotides, proteins, salt, agarose, ethidium bromide, and other impurities.

Based on silica-membrane technology, the extraction kits allow for the binding of DNA in high-salt and elution in a low-salt buffer so no organic extractions or additional precipitations are necessary. This helps to guarantee high and consistent recovery rates.

“We are always looking for ways that we can better serve the science community and the biotechnology industry,” said Des O’Farrell, President of Empirical Bioscience. “This was our way of answering our customer’s call for an agarose gel kit that secures wide-ranging results.”

Empirical Bioscience produces high-grade PCR reagents and enzymes in its ISO 13485 certified facility in Grand Rapids, MI, USA and is a Registered Small Business Company.

For more information about Empirical Bioscience visit: http://empiricalbioscience.com/ .

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