EmP Launches Token for Health and Wellness Industry

Built on Blockchain, HAWCoin will Eliminate Contracts, Allow Users to Choose from Wide Range of Fitness Facilities

CLEVELAND, May 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- EVERYONE makes PROGRESS INC (EmP), announces the company's official launch and Token Generation Event (TGE) on May, 21st 2018 after its creation of HAWCoin. EmP's mission is to leverage the power of blockchain technology to create an ecosystem within the health and wellness industry that will disrupt the way membership services work.

"We have created a technology that will fundamentally change the way the health and fitness industry operates," says Anthony R. Hancovsky, co-founder and, CEO of EmP. "A user will now be able to download our app, purchase our tokens, scan a QR code at any of our network facilities - from gyms to yoga studios - and use them on a pay as you go basis. No annual fees, and no commitments, it is that simple."

Combining the benefits of immutable blockchain records with EmP's cryptocurrency, HAWCoin, makes it possible to take control of the financial aspect of one's health and wellness needs in ways that were not previously possible. EmP's "The PHOENIX" blockchain will let users save workout information such as biometrics for later reviews of their health, or to simply track progress. Similarly, a facility can use the blockchain to store its business information and also provide users with details about their experiences in the facility. Providers in the EmP network can use blockchain as a tool to track, record and share their analysis of that data with the user. For instance, a chiropractor could track and show a patient their growth through the process of recovery, or a runner can go back ten years later after completing a marathon and be able to cross-reference those statistics with the ones from a marathon they ran today.

EmP will also provide a digital personal injury waiver that will streamline the process of entering a facility making it a hassle-free experience. Providers and users can find each other through the app which makes this a great free marketing tool for EmP's partnered providers. EmP is currently focused on securing partnerships with every health and wellness center in the United States.

Founders Anthony R. Hancovsky, CEO, Brian Caron, COO, and Chris Lucskay, CFO believe they can make an impact on the current success of online brokers like MindBody by introducing blockchain and cryptocurrency technology to the health and wellness industry. EmP makes it possible to change the way people do business when it comes to the crucial decision of how to take care of ourselves. It also provides health and wellness industry-based businesses with an avenue to gain additional revenue.

"Our commitment is to deliver the end user the highest quality service correlated with groundbreaking technology. By providing educational modules we will increase the learning curve and give the user maximum flexibility in using our services," says Hancovsky. "We also promise to deliver to health fitness facilities, trainers and other wellness providers users who are endeavoring to make progress with every visit. These are customers who, without our connection, would not have otherwise patronized their facility or services thus driving additional income for our participating partnered facilities."

HAWCoin is one of the first cryptocurrencies targeting the health and wellness industry and will allow anyone who holds the coins to be a member at any of the partnered Facilities. In addition, holding HAWCoin will enable users and providers to locate one another through the app.

HAWCoin is a utility token created with the function of providing a means of doing business within the EmP ecosystem. There will be 192,500,000 HAWCoins deployed during the TGE. Currently, a pre-sale is offering tokens at .30 USD, representing a 54% discount on the token price set for the TGE to all early participants. Once the TGE begins, tokens will be sold at .65 USD. You can purchase HAWCoin with USD, BTC, ETH, LTC or PayPal by contacting EmP at hawcoin_ico@emp.fitness.

Users who sign up for the app and accept incoming emails will receive an airdrop of 100 HAWCoin once the TGE ends.

About EmP
Our mission at EmP is to reduce barriers to healthy lifestyle choices by providing an affordable program that eliminates the need to pay for and commit to long-term contracts at gyms, yoga studios, and other health and wellness establishments. By offering a one-stop shop with a simple pay-as-you-go app, we will change the way the health and wellness world operates. The company originated in February 2018 and is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. Read more at EmP.Fitness.

Media Contact:
Anthony R. Hancovsky, CEO/CO-FOUNDER anthony@emp.fitness

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