Emerald Bio Showcases Improvements in Protein Purification Efficiency and Effectiveness at PEP TALK 2013

Published: Jan 22, 2013

BEDFORD, MA – January 21, 2013 – Emerald Bio, the leading protein resource, will showcase top techniques and tools addressing the drug-discovery industry’s challenge of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of protein purification during Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 12th annual PepTalk Jan. 21 to 25 at the Palm Springs Convention Center, Palm Springs, California at Booth 124.

Peter Nollert, Ph.D., Emerald Bio’s chief technology officer, will offer a behind-the-scenes look at multi-target workflows, protein information management, and automated, parallel protein purification instrumentation at 10:45 a.m. Thursday, Jan. 24, in the Madera Room. Dr. Nollert will highlight front-loading of protein preparations during gene design, smart expression screening, and rescuing bacterial expression systems by cell lysis scouting. Emerald Bio’s ProteinMaker™, an automated 24-sample protein and antibody purification system, will be discussed.

A membrane protein expert, Dr. Nollert joined Emerald Bio in 2002 and served as a director and project leader before being named its chief technology officer last year. His experience includes being a senior research scientist for deCODE Biostructures. Dr. Nollert earned a doctorate in biochemistry from Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen and did post-doctoral studies at Biocenter Basel; the University of California, San Francisco; and Stanford University. Dr. Nollert also trained with Brian K. Kobilka, Ph.D., who was co-awarded the 2012 Nobel Prize in chemistry.

Emerald Bio and the Seattle Structural Genomics Center for Infectious Disease also will host a poster session, The Protein Maker: An Automated System for High-Throughput Protein Purification. The session will be presented by co-author Cory J. Gerdts, Ph.D., Emerald Bio’s instrument systems product manager. Besides Dr. Gerdts, co-authors are Eric R. Smith, Darren W. Begley, Vanessa Anderson, Amy C. Raymond, Taryn E. Hafner, John I. Robinson, Thomas E. Edwards, Natalie Duncan, Mark B. Mixon, Peter Nollert, Bart L. Staker and Lance J. Stewart.

Emerald Bio’s high-throughput Protein Maker allows multiple load, wash and elution buffers to be used in parallel with independent lines for as many as 24 individual samples. The paper describes how the Protein Maker purified five recombinant PB2 C-terminal domains from various subtypes of the influenza A virus. Three of these constructs crystallized and one diffracted X-rays to sufficient resolution for structure determination and deposition in the Protein Data Bank. The paper also features methods for screening lysis buffers for a cytochrome P450 from a pathogenic fungus prior to upscaling expression and purification.

About Emerald Bio

Emerald Bio is the leading protein resource offering consultations, instruments, reagents and software to solve clients’ protein-science challenges. For 14 years Emerald Bio has leveraged its unique assets and know-how in biochemistry and structural biology to provide clients insights into proteins structure and function to improve human health. Emerald Bio supports leading research institutes and therapeutic and diagnostic companies worldwide. Privately owned, the company has facilities in Seattle and Boston. www.embios.com.

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