Elsevier, Inc. Brings The Best Of Chinese Research To An International Audience

BEIJING, March 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Elsevier, a world-leading scientific and healthcare publisher, announced today that it is launching a collection of Chinese journals on ScienceDirect. Reflecting the country's economic boom, China currently ranks fifth in the world in the number of published papers. By working in collaboration with prestigious Chinese research societies and Science Press, the ScienceDirect China Collection offers unique online access to peer-reviewed literature from an emerging global player, on the world's leading full-text platform.

"China's soaring economy has generated intensive research and scientific discovery. As part of Elsevier's commitment to disclose the best of global scientific research literature, we are honoured to provide online access, for the first time, to these important journals." says Paul Evans, Vice President, Science & Technology, Elsevier China, "China's national spending on scientific research is doubling every four years, and by 2010 it is estimated that only the USA will produce more scientific, technical and medical papers in international journals. In recognition of this trend, Elsevier has established a number of initiatives to support regular distribution of Chinese research and currently publishes 40% more Chinese research than the average." Evans continues, "The launch of the ScienceDirect China Collection represents a major breakthrough in giving the global scientific community access to this explosion of Chinese research."

The ScienceDirect China Collection www.info.sciencedirect.com/china includes diverse research collaborations such as: The Institute of Biotechnology, Beijing; The Academy of Military Medical Sciences, Beijing; and the Medical University, Chongquing which publish their findings on cell genetics. The Chinese Academy of Sciences, Mississippi State University, USA and Justus-Liebig-University, Germany form another key international partnership which publishes research findings on subtropical soils.

Subject areas covered by the Collection include: Agricultural Sciences, Bionics, Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Ecology, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, General Medicine, Genetics, Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics, Materials Science, Mathematics, Nephrology, Nuclear Science, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Surgery.

Previously, language and distribution barriers have prevented articles from China becoming more widely accessible. In June 2005, Elsevier launched its comprehensive Chinese Journal Cooperation Program (CJCP) partnering with Chinese publishers, societies and research institutes, to improve international quality and distribution of Chinese journals. The CJCP offers training and consultancy on editorial services and quality management. In December 2005, research from the Robert Gordon University in Scotland examining patterns of Chinese international co-authorship and the impact of Elsevier journals revealed that 9.4 per cent of Elsevier's published articles had at least one Chinese author, which compares with the wider Chinese world share of 6.52 per cent.

The majority of the journals in the ScienceDirect China Collection are written in the English language with the remainder translated into English from Chinese. In November 2005, Elsevier launched a joint translation centre with Science Press, a leading scientific, technical and medical publisher in China. The translation centre aims to reciprocally promote books and journals in the Chinese and international markets.

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