Eli Lilly and Company Insurer's Lawsuit Says Insider Information Led to $60 Million Drug Heist

Published: Apr 02, 2013

So artfully done was the overnight theft of more than $60 million worth of drugs from an Eli Lilly and Co. warehouse in Connecticut that it seemed an inside job. It essentially was, contends a lawsuit filed last month by the company that insured the Lilly building. The brazen March 2010 break-in was made possible, the lawsuit says, because thieves got their hands on a proprietary report, done for Lilly by its security firm, which pointed out weaknesses in the warehouse’s security system. The insurer is seeking tens of millions of dollars in damages from the security company. Using the report, the two Cuban brothers who were arrested and indicted in the theft could know the warehouse’s security system inside and out, the lawsuit says. They knew where every security camera was, every motion detector and every glass-break sensor. And how to disarm them.

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