eDrugstore Reveals How to Lower the Odds of Erectile Dysfunction

July 2, 2019 23:40 UTC

TEMPE, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- eDrugstore, the leading online prescription portal, has published a new report on which men are most likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction—and how they can lower the odds. Using data from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and CVS, this guide gives men a comprehensive understanding of who tends to develop ED, and how they can avoid it. Key takeaways: basic lifestyle factors like diet and exercise affect the risk of developing ED, and ED is often found alongside other health conditions like diabetes.

For over twenty years, eDrugstore has helped hundreds of thousands of men treat their erectile dysfunction safely and discreetly. The eDrugstore blog is designed to assist men of all ages in learning about their own risk factors for developing ED, so they can promptly take preventive and corrective measures.

“At eDrugstore, we believe that knowledge is power, and that men who understand the causes of ED are better equipped to use medical treatments and make lifestyle decisions that help them maintain sexual health throughout life,” says Kyle Rao, Operations Manager at eDrugstore.

Whether or not they choose to use prescription medications like Viagra, the report shows that men can influence their chances of developing ED in many ways. Furthermore, men who take control of their health through positive lifestyle choices can improve erection health and help medications like Viagra work optimally.

“We want to reassure men that they can take control of their sexual health, both through their everyday lifestyle and with the help of effective medications like Viagra,” continued Kyle. “eDrugstore also offers generic versions of Viagra now, which can help men treat ED more cost-effectively than they could a year ago.”

This definitive guide will empower men to take better control of their bodies and their health. For more information, visit AccessRx.com, or check out the full report here:


Kyle Rao

Source: Secure Medical

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