Eclipse Bioinnovations to Present New Data on Multiple RNA Genomics Technologies at the RNA Society 2021 Meeting

SAN DIEGO, May 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Eclipse Bioinnovations, a leading RNA genomics company offering technology solutions that accelerate RNA research, will be presenting four scientific posters and a webinar at the RNA Society 2021 annual meeting to be held virtually May 25 through June 4, 2021. The scientific presentations introduce and highlight Eclipse's powerful RNA genomics technologies that accelerate RNA research and provide insight beyond traditional RNA-seq methods. The four poster presentations are:

  • "m6A: Adaptation of enhanced crosslinking and immunoprecipitation (eCLIP) for the high-throughput, high-resolution mapping of N6-methyladenosine modifications" will be presented May 26th at 7:45 AM EDT. m6A-eCLIP™ is Eclipse's NGS-based technology for profiling m6A modifications with single nucleotide resolution transcriptome-wide.
  • "Accurate mapping of transcription start sites and poly-adenylation sites with End-Seq" will be presented May 26th at 7:45 AM EDT. End-SeqTM is Eclipse's newest technology offering, a methodology that enables precise mapping of 5' and 3' ends of transcripts, detecting both known and novel TSS and PAS usage at single nucleotide resolution.
  • "Enrichment of miRNA:mRNA chimeras to deeply profile miRNA targets using miR-eCLIP" will be presented May 29th at 12:30 PM EDT. miR-eCLIPTM is Eclipse's proprietary technology that maps the miRNA-mRNA interactome at unprecedented depth.
  • "eCLIP reveals differences in binding preference between p110 and p150 ADAR1 isoforms" will be presented June 3rd at 8 AM EDT. Eclipse's ADAR1-eCLIPTM technology precisely maps the RNA binding sites of ADAR1 transcriptome-wide and reveals intriguing differences in the binding patterns of the two isoforms of ADAR1.

In addition to the four poster presentations, Eclipse Bioinnovations is hosting a webinar on Tuesday, June 1st at 9:45am PDT where two guest speakers, Dr. Dominique Langin from Inserm in France and Dr. Michal Lubas from Lundbeck, Sweden, will discuss how Eclipse's RNA genomics technologies have accelerated their RNA research and yielded unique insights. In addition, Dr. Sergei Manakov from Eclipse will present an overview of the company's RNA genomics products.

  • Dr. Langin will present, "Nonenzymatic nuclear roles of the metabolic enzyme, hormone-sensitive lipase."
  • Dr. Lubas will present, "Using eCLIP to explore therapeutic approaches for upregulation of gene expression."
  • Dr. Manakov will present, "Emerging RNA tools for studying RBP-RNA and miRNA-mRNA interactomes."

About Eclipse Bioinnovations

Eclipse Bioinnovations is a leading RNA genomics company leveraging next-generation sequencing to develop innovative technology solutions that accelerate scientific and medical breakthroughs in the RNA space. Eclipse is using its RNA genomics platform to develop a suite of advanced genomics products used by biopharma and academic customers around the world to generate high resolution maps of the RNA-interactome. We continue to develop new products and computational biology solutions that push the envelope in RNA genomics and support RNA researchers around the world. For more info, visit

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